Liberty Net: August 23, 2014

by WB4AIO on August 30, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE things that makes the Liberty Net unique is the ability to experience not only the ideas of those who participate, as one might by reading a blog posting or online forum, but also get a feel for the character and feelings of the man or woman who’s speaking by hearing his or her voice when interacting with others. It’s the most immersive social network you’re likely to find — and it’s very educational, too.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/23

Here is a selection of the ideas brought forth during this week’s Liberty Net:

• The Ivory Coast, along with South Africa, Liberia, Guinea, and other African countries have closed their borders in an effort to stop the spread of the Ebola virus. If they can do it, why can’t we? (14 minutes)

• One of the reasons US police departments are becoming so thuggish and militarized is the police “training” and “cooperation” agreements the Washington regime has signed with Israel, whose treatment of the Palestinians is known for its ferocity and brutality. (24 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 16, 2014

by WB4AIO on August 22, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WE ARE saddened to hear of the lung-cancer-related death of long-time Liberty Net participant Mike DeWoody, ex-N3GVA, in Maryland this week. (Mike, left, is shown in a 2010 photo above with WB4AIO.)

Mike was known for his calm on-the-air demeanor and brilliant wit during some of the most intense jamming and other attacks on the Net that took place in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was a peaceful, sensitive, and deeply intellectual man who could make a powerful and moving statement with just a few quiet words. He would often surprise you with the utter reasonableness and philosophical validity with which he presented radical and paradigm-shifting ideas. Mike turned in his license to the FCC in protest against the Washington regime’s intrusive, tyrannical, and anti-American behavior.

Years ago, Mike had a near-death experience which made him confident that death was not the end, and he faced his final hours with peace, with his long-time girlfriend and life partner Quincy by his side. Wherever you are, Mike, hail and farewell until we meet again.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/16

Here is a selection of the ideas debated during this week’s Liberty Net:

• The protests and looting in Ferguson, Missouri are partly an expression of outrage against the killing of a Black man by a White policeman — but the deaths of the over 500 Blacks killed in Chicago, almost entirely by other Blacks — including 52 in a single weekend — pass with very little notice. (17 minutes)

• A new app called SketchFactor crowdsources crime and violence reports to help travellers avoid dangerous areas. Naturally, it’s been called “racist” since almost all “sketchy” areas are populated by Blacks and Mestizos. A Washington, DC television station sent a crew into a “sketchy” neighborhood to interview residents about how they felt about the designation — and the TV crew’s van promptly had its lock popped and expensive equipment was stolen. (18 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 2, 2014

by WB4AIO on August 16, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHEN WE ARE SUBJECTED to intense media propaganda, as we have been during the massacre of Gazans by Israel recently, it is very important to have access to alternative media not owned or controlled by Jewish/Zionist oligarchs. Not only is the Liberty Net such a source of information, but it is a nexus of people who have discovered, use, or even operate such outlets.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/2

Here is my selection of just a few items from among those discussed during this week’s Liberty Net:

• With the decline in the shortwave audience, it’s surprising how little some of the remaining broadcasters care about letters from listeners, many of which go unanswered. (17 minutes)

• With the current massacre in Gaza, some US and European businesses are cancelling travel to Israel. Is this because of a desire to cease supporting the Jewish state — or an exaggerated fear of the Palestinians’ tiny (about 4.5 inches in diameter) rockets? (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 30, 2014

by WB4AIO on August 9, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WE WERE all saddened to hear of the death — accelerated by establishment medical and hospice “care” — of Vic, W1WCR’s beloved wife Sue. Our thoughts are with Vic at this difficult time and we hope that he will soon resume his post as Net Control Station (NCS) of the Liberty Net. For a details of this tragedy, listen to the latter part of the August 3, 2014 Survival Net. Expect an article soon detailing Vic’s experiences with the medical system.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/30

Here is my small selection of concepts and ideas discussed during this week’s Net:

• When you hear the controlled media wailing about “children killed by gun violence,” remember that 1) guns can kill no one on their own, and 2) a substantial percentage of these “children” are 17-year-old gang-bangers. (17 minutes)

• When you open your borders to the Third World, it won’t be long before you’ll have Third World crime, Third World poverty, Third World disease, and Third World tyranny. (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 26, 2014

by WB4AIO on July 31, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS BOMBS FALL on Gaza, murdering countless innocents, the US government, totally in the pocket of the world’s wealthiest ethnic group, is supporting the murderers — and so are the billionaires’ media, like Fox News and CNN.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/26

Here is my selection from among the ideas discussed during this week’s Liberty Net session:

• Altruistic people are starting to use social media as a platform for donating money to Blacks in Detroit who are behind on their water payments. Altruism is a good trait, but when our own people are suffering in many places around the world, it is really moral to contribute to one of the most prolific races inhabiting and invading our living space? (9 minutes)

• Add “United States” to the list of countries that have blocked YouTube videos. The oh-so-sacred US military has decided that certain ideas and thoughts are off limits to soldiers. (20 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 19, 2014

by WB4AIO on July 25, 2014

Liberty Net - 808

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SUMMERTIME CONDITIONS have been pretty mild this year so far, but it’s till a good idea to run as much clean legal power as you can muster when confronted with high static levels or with widely-separated check-ins — always consider the reception conditions at the station most distant from you, or who might be in the middle of a thunderstorm. Building or buying a quality power amplifier is doing a kindness to the other fellow!

Listen: Liberty Net 7/19

Here is my selection from among the ideas discussed during this week’s Liberty Net session:

• With the stroke of a pen, another treasonous illegal “executive order” has banned imports of Russian-made AK-47s, restricting Americans’ freedom, causing small businesses to close their doors, and presaging more acts of economic war against the one major European nation which is resisting the oligarchs. (12 minutes)

• Ever since one of their spacecraft crashed in the Siberian wilderness in the 1960s, Russia’s cosmonauts have been provided with pistols and shotguns aboard their vessels. (15 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 12, 2014

by WB4AIO on July 17, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IN A WORLD filled with crises, looming genocide, misrule by the super-wealthy oligarchs, and a rising nationalist movement for self-determination, it’s quite astounding that anyone can be interested in professional ball teams. For those who are truly engaged with world events, the Liberty Net is an oasis of thought and ideas in a world of lying propaganda and meaningless entertainment.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/12

Here is my selection of the issues brought up during this week’s session:

• The level of conformity and ignorance has reached such heights in this country that a Liberty Net participant was charged with “harassment” because he walked through his neighborhood listening to a portable shortwave radio looking for an interference source. (24 minutes)

• The entire concept of “preventive law” — having to ask permission of a commissar or commission or bureaucrat before engaging in an ordinary business or other activity — is repugnant to free people. (27 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 5, 2014

by WB4AIO on July 10, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE HUGE ELEPHANT in the room that “polite” conservatives and liberals in Western nations are not supposed to notice is mass immigration and the looming extinction of the White race. And that’s not the only “taboo” — but very important — topic that Liberty Net participants are unafraid to discuss. Check in and add your voice this week!

Listen: Liberty Net 7/5

Here is my selection from the ideas discussed this week during the latest meeting of the Liberty Net:

• The same politicians who complain the loudest of the “greedy rich” (in order to get the votes of the ignorant) raise funds with $35,000-a-plate dinners. I assure you, the “greedy rich” (the ones who want political favors) are the only ones who attend. (4 minutes)

• In Thailand, criticizing the military government, wearing the wrong t-shirt, or reading Orwell’s 1984 can get you thrown into an “attitude adjustment” camp. The detainees’ relatives are not even told where their family members are being held. (11 minutes)

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Liberty Net: June 28, 2014

by WB4AIO on July 1, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE lessons learned by Liberty Net participants is the utter worthlessness of party politics. The Democrats are out in the open: They want White genocide through mass immigration and forced integration. The Republicans want the same thing, but are somewhat loathe to admit it since it would alienate their constituency. Alienation is the correct response to the phony “democracy” we are force-fed these days. Check in to the Liberty Net and think outside the box!

Listen: Liberty Net 6/28

Here is a small selection from the ideas discussed this week during the latest session of the Liberty Net:

• The IQ data for various nations are very interesting, and pretty much exactly what you’d expect them to be: Asian and White nations have high IQs, Mestizos and Arabs lower, and Blacks much lower. The fact that these groups perform much the same even after living for generations in other cultures shows that intelligence is largely heritable. (29 minutes)

• In Michigan, it is now mandated by our rulers that if you take your child aged 12 to 17 to the doctor, the child and the physician must have a private one-on-one session without you being present. (37 minutes)

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Liberty Net: June 14, 2014

by WB4AIO on June 28, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

HERE ARE SOME PRINCIPLES that are valid for 75 meter net operation — especially in the static-filled Summer season:

1. Run as much power as you need so that even the farthest and weakest net participant can hear you. Since the Liberty Net is an interactive net, having only the Net Control Station (NCS) hear you is less than optimal.

2. If you use a vertical or inverted L antenna, use a full size quarter-wave element (or longer — 150′ is great length for 75 meters) if at all possible, and use an excellent ground system. Elevated radials work better than radials on the ground.

3. If you use a horizontal antenna, make sure it’s a full half wave long (or longer), even if you have to make the ends hang down vertically for a few feet.

4. Horizontal antennas should be a quarter wave above the ground or more if at all possible. For 75 meters, that’s about 60 feet. (If you can get the feedpoint up to 100 feet, so much the better.) If you must use an inverted vee configuration, get the ends up as high as you can, at least 30 feet.

The last three suggestions will maximize the efficiency of your antenna system, crucial for being heard well on a crowded and noisy band.

Listen: Liberty Net 6/14

Here are just a few of the ideas debated and discussed during this session of the Liberty Net:

• What is it about Black “youths” in America that makes them willing to wait in days-long lines for — and spend more than a month’s food budget on — some very ordinary athletic shoes? (7 minutes)

• The mental gyrations that supporters of the wars for Israel have to engage in must be painful: Witness the functionaries of the Zionist oligarchs saying we “have to fight” on the side of Iran (which these same functionaries want to bomb) in order to drive out the ISIS revolutionaries in Iraq — who are themselves associated with the Syrian rebels Washington supports (!) and who are, in addition, associated with al-Qaeda. Confused yet? A better idea: Stop supporting Israel in any way and especially stop fighting her wars for her. (27 minutes)

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