N2IRJ’s Lack-of-Liberty Net Goes Full-On Jewish

Led by KA2PTE and WB4AIO, the Liberty Net continues its strong patriotic traditions, opposing the enemies of our people. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the N2IRJ net which has now taken positions completely in opposition to those of W1WCR and the leading Liberty Net participants over the years. N2IRJ’s Lack-of-Liberty Net is a shameful travesty.

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO (Liberty Net participant since the late 1970s)

IT IS strangely appropriate and yet profoundly sick, this latest gyration from N2IRJ, who claims to be the “manager” of the net on 3995: On their recently-established Web site, as of last week, they have a large logo with a Morse code message proclaiming “Happy Hanukkah,” and, as if one act of betrayal wasn’t enough, two additional prominent “Happy Hanukkah” graphics greet the viewer on their main Web page. Well, at least we know what side they’re on!

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