Liberty Net: August 20, 2016

wb4aio_qsl_card04by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE FCC is an instrumentality of the regime in Washington, with all of the callousness, hostility, incompetence, political motivations, and evil that that necessarily entails. They have a new tactic they are using on some licensees of whom they disapprove of or who are Politically Incorrect. They won’t begin proceedings against such a licensee — because they know they’d lose in any fair hearing.

So what the FCC does instead is simply to ignore the licensee and fail to perform their duties with respect to him: When he submits an address change, they won’t process it. When he passes the test for a higher grade of license, they won’t acknowledge it and will not put it in their database. When he renews his license, they will not process it and it will look like the license is expired in their database — even though it’s not expired at all. They act like the licensee doesn’t even exist and will not respond to his inquiries in any meaningful manner. I know this because it’s exactly what’s happening to me.

When the agency that’s supposed to facilitate orderly, lawful communications in this country acts in such a lawless, arbitrary, and immoral manner, what is an honorable man supposed to do? The very first and minimum response of an honorable man should be to regard the agency as the lawbreaker — and the licensee who has followed the spirit of the law as the innocent party — in any conflict between the two.

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Here’s a small selection from among the thoughts brought out on this week’s Liberty Net, along with my remarks:

• The murder and violent assault rate in African-populated Chicago keeps accelerating: In one weekend alone, 50 Congoids were gunned down by fellow Blacks there. Such carnage in Chicago (and in many other large cities where Negroes dominate) barely makes the news. Yet the comparatively rare instance of a Black being killed by a White policeman becomes a national news event in the Jewish-controlled media for months on end — and an excuse for violent rioting, complete with Soros funding. (31 minutes)

• Crimes against Whites by non-Whites are many, times more common than the reverse. Yet even the most heinous, disgusting rapes and murders by non-Whites against Whites get no national media coverage — so much so that there’s a new term for them: “hush crimes.” (43 minutes)

• We keep debating immigration policy, but nothing ever changes. If our politicians weren’t bought and controlled by Jews, we’d be debating emigration policies instead — and mass deportation of non-Whites would already be taking place. (45 minutes)

• With the Jewish-controlled media and various Soros-funded entities like “Black Live Matter” fanning the flames of violent anti-White hate, it is wise for every family member to be armed and well-trained in the use of arms. (47 minutes)

• With Goldman Sachs paying Hillary Clinton $40,000 per speech, it’s not easy for the Democratic party to pose as the party of the people, but they do try. In the United States, by the way, there is no party of the people, nor would the oligarchs long stand for such a thing. (58 minutes)

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