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As the front page list of featured recordings gets larger, we will move some of the audio links to this page showing all miscellaneous audio files. The Liberty Net and related recordings will be kept on a separate page.

Click on its play button to stream a recording; right-click to download.


N1U USS Liberty Special Events Station – 2023-0609 via KA2PTE

N1U USS Liberty Special Events Station – 2023-0608 via WB4AIO


N2IRJ melts down, attacks friends on 3995


The Liberty Net and Health: A Conversation with W1WCR

An Interview with W1WCR


W1WCR on the Informal Liberty Net (with brief unid jamming by KG4ZXC) stream announcement re W1WCR, SK

W1WCR clip collection


WA1HLR and WB4AIO discuss philosophy and LPFM 2018-0211

WB4AIO exposes W3JMD’s phony ‘jammer bust’ story 2018-0113


How WB4AIO was Roy-Moored, why W3JMD and N2SAG lie about it

WB4AIO explains destructive behavior of N2SAG and W3JMD

WB4AIO redpilling the world on ESSB 2017-0712

WA1HLR on the WA3PUN story 2017-0124


WB4AIO as heard at N2IRJ ESSB 3666 kHz


W3DUQ tribute by WA1HLR

W4BVT, K4KYV, WB0SND et al discuss audiophools 3885 kHz AM

WA1HLR and W4BVT et al with superb hi-fi AM signals 3885 kHz

NU9N, K9JSP and others in beautiful ESSB, 3632 kHz LSB


N2JTT as heard at WB4AIO ESSB 3666 kHz

WB4AIO heard at N2IRJ, the Grammar and Dream Interpretation Net, 3666 kHz LSB

WB4AIO as heard at N2IRJ 7275 kHz LSB

WA1HLR / KB1NFS / W2JBL discuss pirates and KPF-941

WA2CYT puts his microphone INSIDE his antenna tuner coil


WA1HLR – Famous Phonetics pt 2

WA1HLR – The Famous Phonetics

K2WS / K4UU / NU9N / WB9DNZ / et al on high fidelity ESSB 3630 kHz LSB

W9AD / KU8R / K9JSP / WB9DNZ / N9BR on high fidelity ESSB 3630 kHz LSB

WA2CYT / M0FLY/MM – 7295 kHz – Dirk the rock’n’roll roadie

WA2CYT / KB2OUA / M0FLY/MM – 7295 kHz – Dirk’s CV

WA2CYT / M0FLY/MM – 7295 kHz

WA1QIX channels ‘The Prophet Andre’

WA1HLR / W2NBC / KC2IFR – 3885 kHz

K3YA / W3EMD / KC2IFR / W2BVM – 3875 kHz



K4HX on 7295 – wide bandwidth on Racal RA6790/GM

WA3VJB on 7290 – wide bandwidth on Racal RA6790/GM

W3GMS on 7290 – wide bandwidth on Racal RA6790/GM


K1JJ first test of new class E transmitter – 3875 kHz

W8MPB Returns – Initial Test (March 1999)

W8MPB Returns – Harvey Himself (March 1999)

W8MPB Returns – Harvey Himself 2 (March 1999)

W8MPB Returns – Scott is Home (March 1999)

W8MPB Returns – Scott’s Reward (March 1999)

WB4AIO on ‘AM-ology’ (1996 from Rochester MN)

What’s for Dinner Net – K1JJ / K3ZRF / WA3JYU – 3733 kHz

Flex Radio Users Net

WA1HLR makes marathon 21-minute transmission

WA1HLR/WB2CAU discuss 75 meter numbers station

W3GMS 3700 kHz 20091216

W1AEX 3883 kHz 20091215