Liberty Net: August 27 and September 3, 2016

Martin Fenik, “Marty,” N2IRJ

THIS week I’ll be trying to catch up on my articles by covering two weeks of the net instead of just one. I don’t know what it is about Summer, but there seem to be significantly fewer than 24 hours in most days!

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Here’s my selection from the topics brought up on the net, along with our take on them:

August 27:

• Those who hate the Confederate flag and want to ban it are tyrants — and ignorant tyrants at that. KK4WX offers net participants an extensive article on the subject. (12 minutes)

• The alliance between the allegedly liberal (and definitely Israel-funding and Israel-subservient) Democrat party and Islam is bizarre, to say the least. The only reasonable explanation is that the organization is more of a criminal enterprise than a political party with an actual ideology. (29 minutes)

September 3:

• The FBI’s data dump of information on the War Hag’s email scandal is the biggest bombshell we’ve seen in a presidential campaign in a long time. As part of the Anointed Elite of high-level employees of the billionaire oligarchs, though, so it’s likely she’ll remain free, unfortunately, until the revolution. (7 minutes)

• Crazy Glenn Cuck now says that the Soros-funded “Black Lives Matter” group is just fine with him. His ratings are falling so fast that he has removed all pay walls from his The Blaze programming. There seems to a notable lack of excitement about this, however. (39 minutes)

• A rather Semitic-looking “feminist” — who claims to be Italian — has hysterically attacked the Italian government’s Fertility Day celebration, designed to promote the idea of young Italian couples having more children. You can understand the Jewish/feminist agenda quite easily if you always remember that they hate anything that brings White children into the world, and love anything that reduces the number of White children. It really is as simple — and as frightening — as that. See

for more information. (41 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net – 8/27″]
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