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Here we’ll keep a catalogue of W3JMD’s behavior on the amateur bands. These include threats of violence, threats of disruption, incitement, slander, and other activities of James M. Devine, W3JMD. (Note: W3JMD is not alone in these activities; he has gathered a group around him including N2SAG, Alfred Parker; N2LYM, Michael Santasieri; and others of lesser note. These others are evidently aware of W3JMD’s immoral or illegal activities, but we know of no evidence showing they do anything to stop them. We believe these recordings show that in some cases they actively participate in, aid, or encourage them. Where relevant, records will be kept of their activities as well.)

Some of the recordings of these activities contain disgusting language and neither children nor sensitive persons should listen to them.

If you have recordings of W3JMD or others associated with him, or would like to add to the evidence or correct anything in this archive, please write to us using our contact form and let us know. The descriptions are our interpretation of what was heard; we encourage you to listen to these over-the-air recordings and draw your own conclusions.

Disruption, threats, slander, and other behavior by W3JMD et al

W3JMD threatens to ‘f— with’ the Liberty Net and intentionally QRMs K3AQ 2018-0425

W3JMD suggests that a former friend is a music jammer on 3860 kHz 2018-0422

N2SAG asks a jammer to jam the Liberty Net 2018-0422

Freedom Net – AB3RA and W3JMD falsely accuse N2IRJ of sex perversion and jamming 2018-0429

W3JMD says he will jam by reading articles on top of the Liberty Net 2018-0327

W3JMD jams by playing a loop recording of himself on top of the Liberty Net 2018-0331

W3JMD jams some more by playing his loop recording of himself on top of the Liberty Net 2018-0331

N2LYM suggests roasting David Hogg over a fire; W3JMD chimes in with obscene suggestions 2018-0402

W3JMD says he will transmit on top of the Liberty Net 2018-0402

W3JMD makes false accusations against KC2VVU 2018-0402

W3JMD makes more false accusations against KC2VVU 2018-0402

W3JMD makes even more false accusations against KC2VVU (station heard in background is not KC2VVU) 2018-0402

W3JMD has an emotional meltdown when one of his followers, KB1SFD, dares to disagree with him 2018-0402

W3JMD openly jams the Liberty Net and threatens to jam every Net session 2018-0328
• N8WGM attacks the Liberty Net on his QRZ page, archived 2018-0320

• N8WGM says the Liberty Net is a “POS” on his Photobucket page, archived 2018-0323
• Archived copy of N2SAG’s Ustream channel in which he slanders WB4AIO and N2IRJ as homosexual lovers using his channel owner’s ID of “libertynet” 2018-0226

W3JMD accidentally calls out in his own voice while jamming the Liberty Net 2018-0314

W3JMD says Marty and Kevin force women to listen to recordings of W3JMD 2018-0216

N2LYM says that ARRL Board members should be physically attacked 2018-0114

N2LYM wants to hang American astronauts 2018-0215

W3JMD and KV4PW want a shooter to kill WB4AIO 2018-0215

W3JMD falsely states that N2IRJ tried to kill his own mother 2018-0215

W3JMD explains to whom his code names ‘Weenie’ and ‘Tina’ refer 2018-0215

W3JMD and KV4PW discuss abducting and torturing WB4AIO and N2IRJ 2018-0212

W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 1 2018-0223

W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 2 2018-0223

W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 3 2018-0223

W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 4 2018-0223

W3JMD says he will assault and kill WB4AIO 2018-0223

W3JMD openly plays music on amateur radio 2018-0223

VA3ZW openly admits jamming WB4AIO 2018-0218

W3JMD states ‘Vic has joined the Nazis’ 2018-0216

W3JMD says he will blame all QRM on WB4AIO and N2IRJ whether it’s true or not 2018-0129

W3JMD says the Liberty Net is ‘sh**’ 2018-0201

W3JMD says he will jam the Liberty Net 2018-0128

W3JMD says he will edit recordings of WB4AIO to harm his reputation 2018-0128

W3JMD admits he is a liar 2018-0204

W3JMD and WA3WLJ laugh about sexually abusing and degrading a vulnerable woman at end of Liberty Net 2018-0107

W3JMD threatens to dox a woman because she uses the Liberty Net chat room 2018-0111

WB4AIO exposes W3JMD’s phony ‘jammer bust’ story 2018-0113

W3JMD and KV4PW joke and banter about ‘hotness’ of an underage girl and interracial sex with her 2017-1202

W3JMD and N2LYM show their good taste on amateur radio 2017-1220

W3JMD makes obscene suggestions about WB4AIO and N2IRJ 2017-1212

W3JMD and KV4PW discuss using hit men 2017-1212

W3JMD and KV4PW falsely slander N2IRJ’s care of his elderly mother 2017-1212

W3JMD states that WB4AIO should be banned from the ‘Briar Patch’ phone patch and obscenely insults Nyssa and others on the patch 2017-1212

W3JMD falsely states that N2IRJ is sexually deformed 2017-1212

W3JMD KV4PW and KB3GOS recite disgusting obscene ‘limericks’ over the air 2017-1214

W3JMD makes a joke about killing WB4AIO (for whom he uses the nickname ‘Weenie’) 2017-1202

W3JMD N2SAG and N8CSU discuss sending bombs and booby traps through the mail to people they dislike 2017-1219

W3JMD and N2SAG falsely accuse WB4AIO and N2IRJ of jamming 2017-1219

W3JMD obscenely attacks WB4AIO on the air 2017-1210

W3JMD obscenely attacks N2IRJ on the air 2017-1210

W3JMD is proud of the Web site he created to obscenely mock KN4CF, an elderly Liberty Net participant who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease 2017-1210

W3JMD falsely states that long-time Liberty Net participant KN4CF is a ‘cross-dresser’ 2017-1210

W3JMD and N2LYM praise KC2DMC for shutting down the Liberty Net 2017-1210

HILARIOUS SONG! N2SAG on W3JMD, the finest amateur radio operator the world has ever seen

How WB4AIO was Roy-Moored, why W3JMD and N2SAG lie about it

WB4AIO explains destructive behavior of N2SAG and W3JMD

W3JMD tells N8SFY a lie that N2IRJ is a transgender ‘genetic female’ 2017-1123

N2LYM calls for killing every member of the Rothschild family 2017-1115

N2LYM calls for the extermination of all Arabs and Muslims 2017-1117

W3JMD attempts to incite a neighboring ham to WB4AIO to hate and kill WB4AIO 2017-1117

W3JMD obscenely interrupts the Liberty Net 2017-1110

W3JMD’s friend W9ART obscenely jams KE2LO, N3GVA, W3KE, and KN4CF 1998-1220

W3JMD’s friend W9ART jams W1WCR and the Liberty Net 1999-1218

W3JMD’s friend W9ART makes death threat against WB4AIO 1999-1224

W3JMD’s friend W9ART jams W1WCR and the Liberty Net 2000-0115

W3JMD is friends with notorious jammer W9ART and approves of his calling Liberty Net participants ‘c*m dumpsters’ 2017-1021

W3JMD discusses assaulting and killing WB4AIO, Kevin (to whom he refers as ‘Weenie’) 2017-1018

W3JMD threatens to ‘annihilate 3995’ 2017-1016

W3JMD sends ‘FU’ in voiced CW to N2IRJ during Liberty Net 2017-1015

W3JMD threatens N2IRJ and WB4AIO, saying ‘You f****ers are dead’ after Liberty Net 2017-1015