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HERE’S a list of books mentioned as worth reading by various Liberty Net participants; if you find something you disagree with here, be aware that free speech means being able to read, promote, and publish all ideas even if they challenge current beliefs.

Recommended by Nyssa, K4HZY:

Many of these books have been mentioned and discussed on the Liberty Net over the years. To make it easier to find the topics in which you may be interested, they are broken down into categories by subject and alphabetized by title.

Most of these are available in hard copy and Kindle formats while others are only available in one format. Some are becoming difficult to find, so you may have to check out your local library or search in used book stores or online sources to find them.

(Note: Some links are to Kindle format books, but most are also available in paperback or hardback versions. Just choose the format desired from the landing page.)


Banking and Finance

Business and Technology


Non-Fiction Books about the Manhattan Project

Nutrition and Health


Financial Thrillers

Historical Fiction

Political Thrillers

Speculative Fiction


And just for some laughs and to lighten the mood


Recommended by members of the net and the chat:

The Enemies Trilogy by Matthew Bracken
The first hundred pages of each novel in the Enemies Trilogy may be read at

Ememies Foreign and

Recommended by Kevin, WB4AIO: