Liberty Net: October 1, 2016

liberty-net-annapolis-radio-towersby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IT LOOKS like the solar storm has abated at almost the same moment that a terrestrial storm is hitting the Carolinas very hard. Always be aware that emergency transmissions have priority — so be listening for them and stand by, or help if you can, when they appear. It’s also a good time to consider hardening your shack and antenna installations so that they can continue to function even under severe weather conditions.

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Here are a few of the issues mentioned on the net this week, along with my take on them:

• Since the horrible billionaire-written turkey called Obamacare was launched, no fewer than 17 insurance co-ops have failed, and the state “exchanges” are all in trouble too, if we can believe their own words. (16 minutes)

• All of North America is being flooded with an unprecedented flood of non-White invaders, many of them Muslim. But the impetus for this has nothing to do with religion: The corporate kleptocrats want more cheap labor from whatever source, and the super-rich Jews want to exterminate the White race. (33 minutes)

• Our goal is separate societies for each race or people. But, during the transition period while our societies are still multiracial, racial profiling is a good and necessary tool we can use to keep order and peace and protect the innocent. (There’s no need to bring religion into it, since Semites — Jews and Arabs and related peoples — are racially distinct from us regardless of their religion.) (37 minutes)

• Now that he’s retired from Congress, super-cuck Republican and Zionist John Boehner is “cashing out” by becoming a lavishly-paid lobbyist and fixer for China, Goldman Sachs, and a group of largely Jewish hedge funds, among other clients. (42 minutes)

• A (((controlled media))) parenting magazine recently warned its readers to beware of “blonde, cheerful, normal” families, as these were likely to be “dangerous” because they were likely to be “right wing.” By “dangerously right wing,” the (((writers))) certainly didn’t mean “right wing” in the sense of warmongering cucks who support Zionism and free trade. What (((they))) really meant was that blonde, normal, cheerful families might well be White folks who have figured out they’re being genocided and (((who))) is doing it. (45 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 10/1″]