Liberty Net: November 12, 2016

liberty-net-wb4aio-building-01by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SORRY FOR the lateness of this article, but my work schedule here at AIO Laboratories has been intense. Some of the things I was working on were a whole new Content Management System for — new discussion room software for — and a lot more too.

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Here are a few of the ideas brought forth on the net this week, along with my take on them:

• When the 75 meter band “goes long,” which happens quite a bit as Winter approaches, we lose the ability to receive stations closer to us than several hundred miles. That is, we lose them if they aren’t exceptional stations. Those with exceptional station facilities — with highly-efficient, full-size antennas and a kilowatt or more — can often be heard on backscatter even when normal ionospheric refraction is shut down. (8 minutes)

• Now that a Muslim convert has been proposed as the new head of the disgraced Democratic National Committee, he is being supported by two Jews — Charles Schumer and Bernie Sanders. Who could have predicted that? My nomination: Mitt Romney. (33 minutes)

• Have even the most demented “liberals” finally had enough of the corrupt, warmongering Clinton crime family? Apparently not, since Chelsea Clinton, who married into a Jewish crime family herself, is now being floated as a Senate candidate in — where else? — Zoo City. (37 minutes)

• We now know that George Soros is funding the post-election leftist riots in cities across the US — just as he funded the civil disturbances that led to the Jewish/US coup in Ukraine. (45 minutes)

• I often hear people praising veterans who have fought bravely, even though those veterans often didn’t understand that they were being used by evil forces when they fought in wars for Israel or Wall Street. Another group of people who should be recognized and praised are those who have faced danger and persecution as they fought bravely for the survival of their race and the liberation of their people from the oppression of the billionaire oligarchs and the Jewish power structure. (52 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/12″]