Liberty Net: September 14, 2016

wb4aio_qsl_card05by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS WEEK I’ll be covering the Midweek Liberty Net session for my article, which happens every Wednesday evening with Marty, N2IRJ as the regular Net Control Station.

Listen: Midweek Liberty Net 9/14″]

Here are a few items brought up on this session, along with my commentary:

• As a parting shot of hate and destruction toward the America he hates, Fetchit has declared that 110,000 “refugees” will be imported into this country this year, starting in October. Very few or none of them will be of our race. (14 minutes)

• Exactly what kind of brain or other disease does Hillary Clinton have? If it’s catching, one hopes she starts spending more time than ever with her buddy and partner in crime George Soros. (17 minutes)

• When the Conservative Party of New York met to endorse Donald Trump for president a few days ago, guess who tried to stop the endorsement — a group of Jews, that’s who. (19 minutes)

• With CIA operatives openly agitating for “aggressive cyber-warfare” against Russia and other nations that never did anything to us, the System’s allegations that Russia has been “hacking the DNC’s emails” have to be taken with a grain of salt as large as the planet Jupiter. (26 minutes)

• While hard-working American families destitute, seniors eating cat food, businesses failing left and right, and the middle class rapidly sinking into a peon class, the regime in Washington just gave the parasites in Israel 38 billion dollars — the largest payment ever made to any foreign country in history, by far. (31 minutes)

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Listen: Midweek Liberty Net 9/14″]