Liberty Net: September 24, 2016

liberty-net-w3duq-ge-unilevel-ba-5aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A WHOLE series of solar storms have plagued the shortwave bands this week, and you’ll notice on our recordings that the lower-power stations with low or compromise antennas are hard or impossible to copy. You’ll also notice that those stations with full-size antennas at good height, especially if they run a kilowatt or so, are able to be clearly understood just about all the time — stations like W3JMD, W1WCR, N2IRJ, and several others. So learn the lesson that Old Sol is trying to teach you: Run power; get a full-size antenna up — and get it up as high as possible, from 35 up to 90 feet.

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Here are a few of the issues mentioned on the net this week, along with my take on them:

• Is the prescription drug Marinol one of the main reasons that the big drug companies oppose the legalization of marijuana? What about the alochol industry’s opposition? (1 hour 20 minutes)

• After the horribly poor performance in the recent debates, isn’t it about time for a debate commission not controlled by the two major parties — and also free of the influence of the Jewish-controlled media? How about taking the debate leadership out of US hands entirely, and creating a truly neutral Swiss commission, for example? (1 hour 24 minutes)

• The anti-Russian propaganda from the billionaire oligarchs’ media is reaching frenzied proportions. It can be countered by facts: Claim: “Putin faked his election results.” Fact: There would have been no need to do so. Even anti-Russian “Western” pollsters report Putin has 80% popular support among the Russian people. Claim: “Russia invaded Crimea.” Fact: Crimea has been majority-Russian for centuries (and was only illegally ceded to Ukraine by the Communists in fairly recent decades) and the people there voted to rejoin Russia and want nothing to do with the Soros-created regime in Kiev — and huge numbers of Ukrainians want nothing to do with it either! (1 hour 35 minutes)

• Colin Powell’s hacked emails reveal that most attendees at the “super elite” Bohemian Grove retreat oppose Donald Trump. Richard Nixon once called the retreat “the faggiest goddamn place I’ve ever seen.” (2 hours 6 minutes)

• Crazy Glenn Beck has recently dramatically hinted that he may “move to the mountains” soon and retire from public life. He hints that this is because of Donald Trump’s popularity, but insiders suggest it is really because his media empire, based on an especially wacky strain of primitive fundamentalism, is collapsing. (2 hours 9 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 9/24″]