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Memorize These Vital Facts Now

• The Liberty Net meets every Wednesday and Saturday evening at around 10PM Eastern US Time. It usually lasts several hours. Our chat room (below) is most active at those times. Our audio stream (click the play button!) is live during the Net, and plays recordings at all other times.

• The Liberty Net’s frequency is 3995 kHz LSB. Occasionally we have to move to a nearby frequency to prevent interference.

• If propagation is bad on 3995, we sometimes move to 1988 kHz (or a nearby frequency) on 160 meters, so check there too.

• Twice a week, recordings of the latest Liberty Nets are generally posted to the top of the right column of this page, under the heading Liberty Net Audio. (Sometimes a recording is not posted if a jammer or usurper constitutes too much net time.)

• And have a bit of fun; look up WB4AIO on QRZ — not but the much better, which now allows SWLs to register with special SWL callsigns and interact with amateur radio operators. Check it out and make sure to register!

• Can’t see our chat room? That’s because you need to be registered and logged in to see it. To find out how to do that, just follow our easy instructions.

Click on the words "easy instructions" above to join our discussion room!

Click to open audio player in new, movable window

Click the button to listen to the audio stream in a new, movable window. You can also use the alternative audio player links below.

Alternative links to play our stream in your favorite media player:

Winamp, iTunes
Direct stream link

There’s another great 24/7 radio network you can try, too — just click here — it’s put out by the good folks at the National Alliance.

Our discussion room rules are simple: Be civil; no disruption or personal attacks on legitimate, honorable net participants, and no promotion of sites or individuals which attack them. Please don’t paste huge blocks of text into the room; use a link instead.