Liberty Net: October 15, 2016

liberty-net-are-you-onby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS ELECTION night nears, it’s easy for decent people to put a lot of faith in Donald Trump. After all, he’s a nationalist and apparently reluctant to engage in war, and his opponent is a globalist warmonger whom the Jewish neocon murderers have embraced. But don’t forget that even if Trump is his own man, despite his Jewish family connections, he himself is an avowed Israel-supporter and his nationalism is not racial nationalism, only a very weak, diluted civic nationalism. A Trump presidency will not change any basic societal assumptions or structures, nor will it break the power of our domestic enemies (though you’d think it would by the volume of their squawking and wailing). What I’m trying to say is that resistance communities, like the National Alliance and the Liberty Net, will continue to be as necessary as ever as we go forward over the next four years.

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Here are a few of the topics brought up on the net this week, along with my remarks:

• It’s good to know that more and more AM stations are dumping the unworkable, poor quality digital interference generator called “IBOC” and opening up the band to the better reception that standard AM offers every listener. There’s nothing wrong with digital radio, of course, but IBOC was just a creation of the (((billionaire media owners))) to prevent the emergence of a dedicated digital band and the even playing field for smaller broadcasters it would have created. (20 minutes)

• Some of the longest-term mysterious shortwave signals are the slightly-wobbly sweeping carriers that appear and disappear seemingly randomly on the shortwave spectrum. Here in the eastern US, I have been hearing these on the lower HF bands, most notably 75 and 40 meters, since the early 1970s. When I lived in the Washington, DC area, they could be heard even at high noon on 75 meters — but here in western Pennsylvania they are an evening and nighttime phenomenon only. (42 minutes)

• The War Hag is a perfect exemplar of the morality of the regime in Washington: In her emails (thank you, Wikileaks!) she acknowledges that Israel-friendly Saudi Arabia is a major supporter and funder of ISIS, yet Hillary accepts multimillion-dollar donations from them, in return for which she used her positions of public trust to make sure that the Saudis got at least a thousand per cent. return on their “investment.” (47 minutes)

• A recent poll sought to find out what Americans feared most. Topping the list at over 60 per cent. was being abused, persecuted, or victimized by “corrupt government officials.” Maybe reality is finally starting to sink in and the av4erage American is not as stump-dumb as he used to be! (52 minutes)

• No surprise here: James Comey’s deep family financial involvement with the Clintons and their foundation is such flagrant corruption that it might even exceed that of the DNC’s newly-revealed vote-rigging fraud. A revolution is needed and these people need to be imprisoned until the last trump sounds. (1 hour)

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Our thanks go to W1WCR for his hard work and courage in keeping this very important part of the amateur radio service alive for 42 years!

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