Registration Instructions

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Here’s how to register at

  • Click on the REGISTER link on the red tab at the right bottom (of this or any page on this site). Follow the instructions and you’ll get a confirmation email. (Some email providers, AOL and Yahoo are among the worst offenders but there are others, sometimes block our confirmation emails — if that happens to you and you never get your confirmation mail, use another email provider like Proton Mail.)
  • You can easily change your password at any time by accessing your profile page — and it’s a good idea to change it from time to time.
  • Log in (using the same red tab) with your new credentials.
  • By visiting the PROFILE link (yes, same red tab, once you’re logged in) you can upload your own avatar (look near the bottom of your profile page).
  • If there are any problems, just write to me via our contact form.

Be respectful of others — and have fun!