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Some of the recordings of jammers and disruptors contain disgusting language and neither children nor sensitive persons should listen to them.
W3JMD says Marty and Kevin force women to listen to recordings of W3JMD 2018-0216
N2LYM says that ARRL Board members should be physically attacked 2018-0114
N2LYM wants to hang American astronauts 2018-0215
W3JMD and KV4PW want a shooter to kill WB4AIO 2018-0215
W3JMD falsely states that N2IRJ tried to kill his own mother 2018-0215
W3JMD explains to whom his code names 'Weenie' and 'Tina' refer 2018-0215
W3JMD and KV4PW discuss abducting and torturing WB4AIO and N2IRJ 2018-0212
W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 1 2018-0223
W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 2 2018-0223
W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 3 2018-0223
W3JMD admits he jammed the Liberty Net 4 2018-0223
W3JMD says he will assault and kill WB4AIO 2018-0223
W3JMD openly plays music on amateur radio 2018-0223
VA3ZW openly admits jamming WB4AIO 2018-0218
W3JMD states 'Vic has joined the Nazis' 2018-0216
HILARIOUS SONG! W3JMD, the finest amateur radio operator the world has ever seen
Full list of W3JMD et al disruptions, threats, etc.

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