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Just send us a message by clicking this CONTACT form, and tell us the username you want to use in the chat room. We will email you back a password and instructions for logging in. You’ll be chatting in less than a day!

There’s another great 24/7 radio network you can try, too — just click here — it’s put out by the good folks at the National Alliance.

Our discussion room rules are simple: Be civil; no disruption or personal attacks on net participants. Please don’t paste huge blocks of text into the room; use a link instead.

If you are using a tablet or mobile device that cannot use our embedded flash player, or if you just prefer a dedicated audio program, you can use one of the following links to access the audio stream for the audio player of your choice:

When we switch between sources (such as switching from the live feed to a recording, or vice versa), you may have to re-sync your player by hitting STOP and then PLAY.