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Welcome to our new and greatly improved chat room. The new room 1) is hosted on servers in the US, not in Israel or any foreign country, and they are our own servers for maximum security; and 2) allows you to register and change your screen name, password, and avatar by yourself without requiring help from an administrator.

You must RE-REGISTER to enter our NEW chat room — use the RED REGISTER tab at the BOTTOM RIGHT of this page.

There’s another great 24/7 radio network you can try, too — just click here — it’s put out by the good folks at the National Alliance.

Our discussion room rules are simple: Be civil; no disruption or personal attacks on net participants. Please don’t paste huge blocks of text into the room; use a link instead.

If you are using a tablet or mobile device that cannot use our embedded flash player, or if you just prefer a dedicated audio program, you can use one of the following links to access the audio stream for the audio player of your choice:

When we switch between sources (such as switching from the live feed to a recording, or vice versa), you may have to re-sync your player by hitting STOP and then PLAY.