Liberty Net: July 2, 2016

wb4aio_RING_X2by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

STATIONS THAT can be heard marginally in the Winter on 75 meters are often totally uncopyable in the Summer. The reason? Summertime background noise levels — due to nearby or distant thunderstorm static — are often ten or twenty times higher in the warm months of the year than they are in Winter. This means that to be heard as well as you are in the cold months, you would have to run ten or twenty times as much power during warm weather.

There are two lessons to be learned here: 1) If you can, run ten or twenty times the power you’re running now; and 2) never use a small, low, or compromise antenna — they can cut your effective power to as little as one tenth your actual power, and that can be a fatal reduction when you’re fighting static or interference.

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Here’s my selection from among the topics debated on this week’s net session, along with my remarks:

• Vanessa Brown, an obese Black Pennsylvania state representative from the Africanized city that is still called Philadelphia (and who, by the way, is awaiting trial on corruption charges), has demanded that display of the Confederate flag should be forbidden, even in historical displays and during Civil War reenactments — unless the participants, in the vague, rambling words of Brown, somehow “tell the truth” (Brown’s “truth,” something about “hate and oppression”) about the flag. She even stole a flag out of an historical display at the state capitol and only returned it when she was threatened with arrest. She then lobbied the craven, cowardly governor of Pennsylvania, who subsequently ordered all Confederate-linked flags removed from the historical display. (19 minutes)

• US immigration officials, long forbidden from doing their real job, are now asking all applicants for entry to the US to provide links to their social media accounts. As if those with a shady, terroristic, or criminal background aren’t capable of having a sanitized, fake account all ready for the clueless American officials — who are likely Third Worlders themselves these days. It doesn’t get much stupider than this. (21 minutes)

• With the recent knife attacks by Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants, is it more rational to ban knives — or to ban Muslims? Actually, instead of just banning Muslims, we should ban all Middle Easterners from our European and European-derived societies. (29 minutes)

• Now that exit from the EU is being demanded by more and more people in many European countries, it’s time to put the disbandment of NATO on the table. That military alliance is now just a force for evil in the world, opposing, threatening, and harassing any country that doesn’t want to be ruled by the Wall Street Jews. (39 minutes)

• Is there any crime that Hillary Clinton could commit that would result in actual criminal charges being brought against her, instead of just not-so-stern warnings for crimes that would have put people without money and Zionist connections in jail twenty times over? (58 minutes)

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