Liberty Net: September 24, 2016

liberty-net-w3duq-ge-unilevel-ba-5aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

A WHOLE series of solar storms have plagued the shortwave bands this week, and you’ll notice on our recordings that the lower-power stations with low or compromise antennas are hard or impossible to copy. You’ll also notice that those stations with full-size antennas at good height, especially if they run a kilowatt or so, are able to be clearly understood just about all the time — stations like W3JMD, W1WCR, N2IRJ, and several others. So learn the lesson that Old Sol is trying to teach you: Run power; get a full-size antenna up — and get it up as high as possible, from 35 up to 90 feet.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/24″]

Here are a few of the issues mentioned on the net this week, along with my take on them:

• Is the prescription drug Marinol one of the main reasons that the big drug companies oppose the legalization of marijuana? What about the alochol industry’s opposition? (1 hour 20 minutes)

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