Liberty Net: April 2, 2016

Liberty-Net---Infundibulumby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

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Here’s my choice from among the items discussed on this week’s net, along with my remarks:

• How low have we fallen when the endorsement of a treasonous serial rapist and criminal like Bill Clinton is considered an asset in a political campaign? (28 minutes)

• As if Third World Detroit didn’t have enough problems already, several school administrators have been caught taking bribes and kickbacks and arranging for rake-offs on school supply deliveries. Third World genes guarantee Third World behavior. (35 minutes)

• The random, stupid violence that ruins so many lives in this country — as at the Richmond Greyhound bus station this week — comes disproportionately from Mestizos and Blacks, who are far more criminally and violently inclined than other racial groups. Yet the Jewish-dominated media continue to promote the lie of “racial equality.” (48 minutes)

• It’s hard not to sympathize with people who want to build walls to keep out drug traffickers and shoot pushers on sight. However, a much deeper insight into the drug epidemic is this: Why do our young men and women so willingly take these drugs? Why are their lives so empty of purpose that all they want to do is escape? Why are they unable or unwilling to marry and have children? Why are they so depressed that they are taking legal drugs at record levels in a vain attempt to alleviate that depression? Why don’t they believe in themselves or their future? Why do they hate themselves? (55 minutes)

• The media are always telling us that “race doesn’t exist” because there is more variation within a race than, on average, between races. But that’s just verbal trickery with no scientific significance whatever. Consider this: There is more variation within families than, on average, between families. But this does not mean that there are not meaningful and significant differences between families. Similarly, there is more variation within all types of trees — think a bonsai seedling compared to a Redwood — than there is, on average, between trees and tumbleweed. But, I assure you, trees and tumbleweed can definitely be told apart — and they are most certainly not the same thing. (1 hour 4 minutes)

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