Liberty Net: April 9, 2016

kas_pictureby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO (pictured)

FOR NEW participants, here’s a brief discussion of how to operate on the Liberty Net: Ours is a directed net, meaning that all stations should check in with the Net Control Station (NCS), giving your call sign, name, and location when the net opens. The NCS may say hello, but his main function is just to compile a list of check-ins at this time. He’ll put your call on his list in the order received and, when it’s your turn, you will be called and given an opportunity to make remarks to the net. If the NCS has questions or comments about what you said, he may engage you in some interchanges before he turns it over to the next station on the list. If a lot of stations check in and have long comments, it may take an hour or so for the first round to be completed. Usually late check-ins are called for before the second and third rounds start. Usually, after three rounds or so, the Roundtable Mode is invoked (which starts check-ins anew). The Roundtable Mode is a little less formal: There are more interchanges and, though it starts with a list, eventually stations may start to talk to each other break-in style.

Listen: Liberty Net 4/9

Here’s my selection from among the topics discussed on this week’s net, along with my comments:

• Did you know that George Soros money is being used to hire violent “protestors” to shut down, and create incidents at, Donald Trump rallies? They’re even advertising on Craigslist for ne’er-do-wells to sign up. Shades of the oligarchs’ phony “revolution” in Ukraine. (6 minutes)

• The Romanian hacker calling himself Guccifer successfully read the emails of Hillary Clinton as well as those of a number of Romanian politicians. His activities were instrumental in uncovering Clinton’s illegal server. He has now been arrested and turned over to “law enforcement” agents of the Washington regime and is imprisoned in Alexandria, Virginia. (32 minutes)

• More and more Americans, living in houses that are all paid off, are nevertheless being thrown out on the streets because they can’t pay the should-be-illegal extortion called “property taxes.” (38 minutes)

• In California, the community of Richmond is trying a program which pays monthly cash to criminals in return for the criminals not committing any more crimes. Boston and Philadelphia have tried the same idea. Strange that non-criminals get nothing — after all, they have been committing no crimes for their entire lives. Oh wait — maybe it’s yet another deceptive way to transfer the wealth of Whites to non-Whites. (52 minutes)

• Millions of US taxpayer dollars being spent on a new program that will move thousands of feral Blacks from downtown Baltimore and install them in White neighborhoods. Numerous new rules from Washington ensure that no local leader or businessman or property owner can do anything about it. This is one way genocide works. (1 hour 6 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 4/9