Liberty Net: July 16, 2016

Liberty-Net---National-NC-125-receiverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH TRUMP NOW pandering to racial and sexual minorities, it looks like his Jewish handlers have somehow found a way to handle him. Now, whoever wins the presidential election, we will continue to have more of the same oligarchic policies and control. Under such circumstances, free communication between patriots becomes even more important.

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Here’s a small selection of the topics debated on this week’s net, as interpreted by me:

• Far too many conservatives are believing the Jewish/neocon anti-Russian rhetoric that is all over the controlled media these days, especially on Fox News. In reality, a war with Russia — the only large White nation not under the complete control of Jews — would be a brothers’ war, and a disaster of cosmic proportions, perhaps destroying our race forever. The Jewish oligarchs hate Russia with a passion, because that nation has checkmated those oligarchs again and again in recent years — preventing a war with Iran, preventing the destruction of Syria, and containing the puppet regime the oligarchs set up in Ukraine. (7 minutes)

• The attempted coup in Turkey, had it been successful, would have removed a pro-ISIS regime. And if it had not been for the intervention of Russia, a pro-ISIS regime would have been installed in Syria by now, with US help and approval. You’d think that rabidly “anti-Semitic” ISIS would have made a serious attack on Israel by now, but observers have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting — and then waiting some more — for that to happen. What does that tell you? (25 minutes)

• It has been said that the Koran and Sharia Law are incompatible with the Constitution and laws of the United States. Accepting that as a fact, it should also be pointed out that the same is true — in spades — of the Torah, Talmud, and Kol Nidre, held sacred by a certain other very powerful and wealthy Middle Eastern group that invaded our nations many years ago. (51 minutes)

• After a week full of rapes, killings, acts of terror, and numerous other crimes committed by non-White Muslims in Europe, the controlled media decided to tell us the “real danger” we face as a result of these attacks: the possible rise of “right wing extremists” to power. (58 minutes)

• A state-funded (and Jewish-controlled) television documentary about the Cologne sex attacks portrays the attackers as White German men. In reality, the attackers were alien invaders. (1 hour 4 minutes)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR for running this important and historic discussion net — now in its 42nd year — and thanks also to N2IRJ for making these recordings available.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/16