Liberty Net: July 23, 2016

Liberty-Net---FFSS-demostration-recordby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

MOST INFORMATION sources these days want to sell you something and are therefore beholden to the maker of, and market for, that thing. Or they’re selling advertising and are therefore beholden to whomever is really paying the bills. In contrast, the Liberty Net is totally non-commercial and dedicated to public service. It is not monolithic, and consists entirely of independent individuals sharing information freely, teaching — and learning from — other participants.

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Here are some selected samples of the topics brought forward on this week’s net, along with my interpretations:

• Thank goodness for Guccifer and Wikileaks, who have shown the world that the criminal Clinton Machine stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. (3 minutes)

• In Germany, mostly-Muslim non-White invaders are bringing rape, murder, terror, and other crimes — and the traitorous German government’s response is to propose “teaching Islam” in the public school system (17 minutes)

• A Muslim “fatwa” has been issued against Pokemon by a cleric in Saudi Arabia, in part because the game characters evolve and thus the game promotes the “evil” concept of biological evolution. (20 minutes)

• Democracy guarantees that the worst possible leaders will always be chosen — those who are the most skillful liars, actors, and the best makers of extravagant promises crafted to appeal to mediocre and stupid minds. (26 minutes)

• Donald Trump, unfortunately, has been backtracking on some of his more radical (and thus his best) statements. But so far he is holding firm on his willingness to work with Russian leadership to avoid war. Another fratricidal war between White nations would be a disaster of cosmic proportions. (53 minutes)

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Once again, thanks to W1WCR and all participants for making this extraordinary net possible — and please check in!

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