N2IRJ’s Lack-of-Liberty Net Goes Full-On Jewish

Led by KA2PTE and WB4AIO, the Liberty Net continues its strong patriotic traditions, opposing the enemies of our people. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the N2IRJ net which has now taken positions completely in opposition to those of W1WCR and the leading Liberty Net participants over the years. N2IRJ’s Lack-of-Liberty Net is a shameful travesty.

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO (Liberty Net participant since the late 1970s)

IT IS strangely appropriate and yet profoundly sick, this latest gyration from N2IRJ, who claims to be the “manager” of the net on 3995: On their recently-established Web site, as of last week, they have a large logo with a Morse code message proclaiming “Happy Hanukkah,” and, as if one act of betrayal wasn’t enough, two additional prominent “Happy Hanukkah” graphics greet the viewer on their main Web page. Well, at least we know what side they’re on!

Screenshot from the Lack-of-Liberty Net Web site, December 2021
Screenshot from the Lack-of-Liberty Net Web site, December 2021; the Morse Code graphic reads “Happy Hanukkah.”

This display of subservience to the world’s richest, and most aggressive and powerful, special interest group — the same one that controls the mainstream media, the Wall Street vulture firms, and the big banks — is totally contrary to the values exemplified and expressed by the Liberty Net’s leading light and co-founder, W1WCR, Victor Misek (Net Control Station for the Liberty Net, 1974 to 2021).

Vic opposed Jewish power during his entire Liberty Net career, and famously quipped that he wanted an end to the Jewish and Muslim presence in this country when he said: “Get the US out of the Middle East and get the Middle East out of the US!” It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Over the years, the leading participants in the Liberty Net have powerfully and devastatingly critiqued the Jewish power structure — calling it out as the main force destroying America, destroying morality, destroying our civilization as a whole, and pushing relentlessly for the literal genocide of the White race. I could give many examples besides Vic, but a few of the Net’s best and most well-known participants and the positions they’ve taken will suffice:

KE2LO, Gene Mezger: A vocal supporter of Kevin Strom, WB4AIO, and the National Alliance, the leading pro-White and Jew-critical organization in the United States, Gene received a framed painting by Alfred Sundvall from the Alliance as an appreciation for his long-term support over many years. Gene also was the first to transcribe John Beaty’s great book, Iron Curtain Over America, which exposed the Judaeo-Communist takeover of the United States, into digital form. (Net participant from the 1980s.)

N3GVA, Mike de Woody: A man who had seen Jews and Jewish power in action since his youth (a non-Jew, he was placed in the care of Jews for many years as a child and teenager), Mike was passionate about exposing the Jewish hatred for all Gentiles that he had seen firsthand. He helped KE2LO promote his transcription of Iron Curtain Over America and designed and provided a Web page where it could be downloaded for free. After Gene passed away, Mike kept the site online for the rest of his life, and added a biographical section honoring Gene. (Net participant from the early 1990s.)

W8MPB, Harvey Heinz: A former engineer for the Collins Radio Co., Harvey was a wit, a writer, and an indefatigable distributor of eye-opening printed materials that he called “care packages” that were sent (via postal mail — this was mostly before the Internet existed) to hundreds of people around the world, including his amateur radio friends. He was also a dedicated National Socialist and, even when it was unpopular to do so in “Kosher Conservative” circles, educated all his readers and listeners about the titanic struggle and sacrifice of Germany and her allies, who were opposing the same Jewish power structure that we face today (and we also face the non-White mobs they have weaponized). After Harvey’s death, N3GVA painstakingly scanned in some of Harvey’s “care packages” and created a Web site honoring him and his work. (Net participant from the early 1980s.)

KI2J, Mike Dow: Mike was one of the kindest, most patient, and caring people you could ever meet. Whether he was aboard a ship connecting with the Liberty Net from the other side of the world, or transmitting from his peaceful cabin in the pine forest of Vermont, he calmly and carefully explained the dangers of the Jewish agenda for our people, and the lies told by the Jewish-run media to further that agenda. A scholar as well as an accomplished speaker and communicator, Mike’s low-key, philosophical, and logical approach never failed to impress the dangers of Jewish power upon all his listeners and interlocutors. (Net participant from the early 1980s.)

KN4CF, Bob Turner: A personal friend of Dr. David Duke, PhD (author of the book Jewish Supremacism), Bob was an educated and deeply wise man who also supported the political and educational efforts of Dr. Duke. He was a long-time contributor, over decades, to the dialogue on the toxicity of Jewish power that took place on the Liberty Net under NCS W1WCR. (Net participant from the early 1980s.)

KE4NY, Harvey Parsons: Harvey was a long-term supporter of Liberty Lobby and their Spotlight newspaper — among whose subscribers (including Liberty Net founders W1WCR and K3CKT) the whole idea of creating the Liberty Net originated in 1974. Liberty Lobby was one of the leading organizations opposing both the Jewish power structure’s takeover of American politics and media and the Washington establishment’s — both Democrat and Republican — subservience to the State of Israel. (Net participant from the 1970s.)

K3CKT, Jim Barrett: Jim was, along with Vic, W1WCR, the co-founder of the Liberty Net in 1974. Originally, net participants were recruited by advertising in the patriotic newspaper (which strongly opposed Jewish power) The Spotlight, run by Liberty Lobby. In the early months of the Liberty Net, 20 meters was the primary band for the Net, but it was quickly discovered by Jim and Vic that 75 meters was the most effective band, with all participants usually able to hear one another. (Net participant from 1974.)

W9OAG, Jim Thomas: A successful businessman, Jim was a prolific writer, researcher, and journalist in his spare time. He was not only an early and long-term participant and promoter of the Liberty Net, but was also the founder of the closely-related Freeman’s Net as well, which shared the Net’s frequency (though on a weeknight instead of Saturday) and mostly shared participants as well. Yours truly, WB4AIO, was a frequent phone patch guest on Jim’s station, speaking for the National Alliance, the leading organization for White people in the US, and a strong critic of the Jewish power structure. Jim was also the founder of Media Bypass magazine, which took the central idea of the Liberty Net — bypassing the Jewish-controlled media to get the truth to the people — and transferred it into a professionally-produced, glossy magazine. Media Bypass featured positive articles about the National Alliance and its founder, Dr. William Pierce. (Net participant from the early 1970s.)

K4GAR, Harrison Perl: Like his namesake, Benjamin Harrison Freedman, K4GAR was of Jewish ancestry but was also a defector from the Jewish power structure. He was a regular on the Net from the 1980s until his death in 2013, and used his powerful station based in Sarasota, Florida to oppose the machinations of Jewish organizations like the ADL. He supported Liberty Lobby’s efforts to require the ADL to register as an agent of a foreign government. Harrison also was an outspoken opponent of Jewish efforts to denigrate and dispossess the White race in America. (Net participant from the early 1980s.)

K3GUG, Bob Emch: A professional in the Washington, DC area for many years, Bob was a very early participant on the Liberty Net from the 1970s, and continued until his death in 1999. In his later years, Bob was a vocal supporter of the pro-White and Jew-critical National Alliance and a subscriber to the National Alliance’s magazine, National Vanguard. For his stalwart support of White survival and his opposition to the Jewish power structure, his 75 meter station was targeted for malicious jamming for almost a decade — but he always got the message through. (Net participant from the 1970s.)

These amateur radio operators and Liberty Net stalwarts are far from the only ones I could cite in a similar vein. We honor all those who have come to the Liberty Net to learn, to teach, and to fight the good fight for our people, nation, and culture.

It is abundantly clear that Marty, N2IRJ, who claims somehow (despite not participating) to be the “manager” of the 3995 net, and who does exercise arbitrary and dictatorial control over who is “allowed” to speak there, and who also exercises control over their Web page, has totally betrayed numerous fundamental principles and ideas of the Net. (For example, Marty “banned” me, among others, from “his” net, even though Vic, W1WCR endorsed my being Net Control Station for the Liberty Net.)

Martin Fenik, “Marty,” N2IRJ

N2IRJ stands in total opposition to the ideas and life’s work of Vic, W1WCR, and of the great amateur radio operators and leading lights of the Liberty Net chronicled above. His actions are shameful, mendacious, and morally wrong — and, interestingly enough, a total reversal of the ideas that he himself was preaching just a few years ago; as late as 2018, he was declaring himself to be a White nationalist and a strong critic of Jewish institutional power.

* * *

Sources: Media Bypass magazine, Archive.org, Archive.is, Martin Fenik Web site, 3950 Audio Archive, Author

Liberty Net: August 22, 2015

Liberty-Net---WB4AIO_AIO-Labs-RF-ammeterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

LAST WEEK, I told you about SDR transceivers and receivers and their many advantages for amateur radio listening and transmitting. Today I’ll add some links so you can see what’s available direct from the sources:




This isn’t an exhaustive list, far from it — SDR development and availability is constantly expanding — so do your own research.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/22

Here’s a brief summary of — and my comment on — some of the issues discussed on the net this week:

• A terrorist attack in Belgium (by a non-White, natch, who had recently slithered in from Morocco) was recently thwarted by three brave men who took matters into their own hands. But there is a much better solution: No non-Whites should be permitted in White countries; problem solved. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 15, 2015

Liberty-Net---Johnson-Viking-Matchboxby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SOMETHING THAT both amateurs and SWLs should consider is the purchase of a software-defined radio (or SDR). An SDR consists of a direct-conversion mixer, or direct analogue-to-digital converter, coupled to software which can manipulate the digitized stream of ones and zeros perfectly representing the RF waveforms — and give you mathematically perfect demodulation (or modulation) of any mode: SSB, CW, AM, DSB, et cetera — without any of the noise and distortion buildup inevitable in conventional transceivers. Receiving on an SDR has been described as like having a film peeled off your eyes and perceiving reality clearly for the first time. Transmitting is equally clean. On top of that, the dynamic range and perfectly-rectangular filters are excellent. Filter edges can be dragged with your mouse, too, so you can have perfect high fidelity wideband audio, or narrow DX filtration, depending on what you want at any given moment. Good units are available from Anan, Flexradio Systems, Perseus, and many others.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/15

Here’s a brief digest of — and my take on — some of the ideas discussed on the Liberty Net this session:

• Happy birthday to Nyssa, K4HZY, who has been a welcome weekly commenter on the Liberty Net for many years now through the N2IRJ phone patch. (11 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 8, 2015

Liberty-Net---N2IRJ-phone-patch-VU-meterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

OPEN-WIRE BALANCED line is far superior to coaxial cable as far as loss is concerned — especially when the SWR between the line and your antenna is high. But what do you do when you want to feed an unbalanced antenna — like a vertical or inverted L — with balanced line? Conventional wisdom says it can’t be done. But it can. I developed a system using two current baluns and a conventional T-network antenna coupler which allows open-wire feed of my 150′ elevated-radial inverted L antenna. I can go on any frequency from 1.8 to 30 MHz with a perfect match and low loss, and tune the system in the shack. Write if you want to know more!

Listen: Liberty Net 8/8

Here’s my summary of and commentary on some of the concepts brought forth on the Liberty Net this session:

• To “prove” that Donald Trump was wrong about illegal immigrant criminals, one media talking head recently opined that “most of the FBI Ten Most Wanted are White people.” But upon looking closer, you’ll discover that eight of the ten are actually Mestizos from Central America, which the regime’s FBI falsely categorizes as White. (18 minutes)

• Since they want to misclassify Mestizos as Whites, maybe Whites should sign up for race-based preferences and benefits by checking the “Hispanic” box on government and employment forms. (23 minutes)

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Liberty Net: August 1, 2015

Liberty-Net---dentron_mt-3000aby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET has survived jamming, government intimidation, and intruders whose agenda was to derail and destroy the net — and it has come out victorious over them all since 1974. Here’s to another 41 years!

Listen: Liberty Net 8/1

Here’s my summary of and commentary on some of the concepts brought up on the Liberty Net this week:

• The cuckservative meme has really taken off and is now one of the most popular ideas on the Internet — one wag even re-dubbed the disgusting Israel-firster Mike Huckabee “Mike Cuckabee.” Cuckabee supports the Jewish state with fervor and billions of dollars and other people’s blood — but would probably have a meltdown if anyone asked him to support his own people. (1 hour 35 minutes)

• In Greece, as in Ukraine and innumerable other White countries, CIA- and Soros-funded NGOs are working furiously and spending billions to flood the country with non-White “migrants.” (1 hour 38 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 25, 2015

Liberty-Net---Hallicrafters_Sky_Travelerby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET exemplifies the purpose of the amateur radio service: It serves, beyond any doubt, the public interest, convenience, and necessity. It’s a way for amateurs to share ideas and experiences in a way that no other communications medium can match.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/25

Here’s my summary of and take on some of the ideas brought up on the Liberty Net this session:

• We’ve already ripped our country and civilization apart by importing Semitic religions — so why add another Semitic religion, Islam, to the mix? Sounds like a guarantee of bringing the all the Semites’ perennial blood feuds into our borders. As is said quite often on the Liberty Net, the US needs to get out of the Middle East, and the Middle East needs to get out of the US (and that means Torah and Talmud believers along with Koran believers). (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 18, 2015

Liberty-Net---Drake-T4XBby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is one of the few places that allows expression of precisely those ideas that the ethnically-distinct oligarchs don’t want us to know.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/18

Here’s my summary of and take on a few of the ideas brought up on the Liberty Net this time:

• When, so many people ask, will America become America again? The answer may be one you don’t want to hear: When White Americans learn that nations are biological entities — not geographic or ideological ones. (7 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 11, 2015

Liberty-Net---reel-to-reel-tape-recorderby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE REAL challenge to 75 meter communications is Summer static, caused by the widespread thunderstorms that typically cover our continent during the warm months. There are two worthwhile approaches to fighting the static:

1) Have as potent a transmitted signal as you possibly can — run an amplifier at all times; during net operations you want to deliver as high a field strength as you can, to get through clearly to even the stations that are getting the strongest static and the weakest reception of your signal. Even more important than running an amplifier, though, is having an efficient aerial. This means, on 75 meters, a full-size, full height antenna — short multiband loaded or trapped “mini” antennas will typically produce poor, barely detectable signals no matter how much power you run.

2) Use a directional, low-noise receive antenna, separate from your transmit antenna, and orient it away from the worst current storms. You can see where the storms are located by viewing http://www.blitzortung.org/Webpages/index.php?lang=en&page_0=30

Listen: Liberty Net 7/11

Here’s my summary of and take on some of the ideas brought up on the Liberty Net this session:

• How many more White women have to be raped or killed before we rise up and end the invasion on our southern border forever? (13 minutes)

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Liberty Net: July 4, 2015

Liberty-Net---VU-meter-bridgeby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

NOW THAT the Enemies of Life have decided that the Confederate flag has “got to go” because it’s a symbol of “racism,” freedom-loving people everywhere — even those with no connection to the American South — should start using it with enthusiasm as a symbol of freedom, solidarity, resistance, and defiance.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/4

Here’s my take on some of the concepts discussed on the Liberty Net this week:

• The banker-owned media tell the Greeks that the German bankers are taking advantage of them with predatory loans, and are impoverishing Greece. Those same media then tell the Germans that the Greeks are “deadbeats” who won’t pay their debts and are impoverishing Germany. The truth is that the bankers aren’t German — they’re Jewish; the “loans” are fictitious, created by the bankers out of nothing so no one really owes them anything; and the international bankers are stealing the wealth of both Greeks and Germans — and us too. Don’t fall for these media lies. All of us — Germans, Greeks, Americans, and others — should form a united front against these fraudsters. (22 minutes)

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Liberty Net: June 27, 2015

Liberty-Net---TEAC-A3340Sby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ONE OF THE most interesting parts of amateur radio is exchanging ideas that go far beyond mere technical discussions. And there’s no better place to do that than amateur radio’s 41-year institution, the Liberty Net.

Listen: Liberty Net 6/27

Here’s my summary of and commentary on some of the ideas brought forward on the net this time:

• The optimistic predictions did not come true — the enrollments in the technically “mandatory” Obamacare program in Hawaii have not reached the self-sustaining level, with only 37,000 enrollments. (18 minutes)

• Another thing to remember if you intend to obey the “law,” and actually sign up for the public/private monstrosity called Obamacare: You will not under any circumstances be able to obtain any innovative or newly-developed treatments, no matter how well-proven and effective they may be, and no matter how much you need them — even to save your life. (22 minutes)

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