Liberty Net: June 18, 2016

Liberty-Net---R390A-VU-meterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WITH THE VICTORY of Brexit in Britain (really a proxy for opposition to the non-White invasion), we can all be encouraged: The oligarchs can’t always get what they want, and a relatively small group of volunteer activists, with all the forces of Jewish power and finance against them, can still make history.

Listen: Liberty Net 6/18

Here are a few of the ideas brought up on this week’s Liberty Net, along with my comments:

• Perhaps a good use for all of those decommissioned Voice of America transmitters would be to broadcast a constantly-updated catalogue of crimes committed by Islamic invaders. (9 minutes)

• There were plenty of warnings about Omar Mateen, and the authorities were well aware of him. So what does his killing spree tell us about the much-touted “safety” of our surveillance society? Looks like we gave up our freedom and privacy for nothing. Much better just to stop slaughtering Middle Easterners for Israel — and stop importing them into our nations. (14 minutes)

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