Liberty Net Now a Household Word

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHILE LOOKING for receivers on Ebay the other day (yes, I do dream about setting up an amateur radio station again some day), I noticed a nice Collins R-390A for sale.

Reading the advertiser’s copy, I was pleasantly surprised to see the receiver extolled as “sweet” for listening to “the Liberty Net Saturday evenings on 3950.”

Now that good reception of the Liberty Net is a selling point for receivers on Ebay, what’s next? Mention of Liberty Net capabilities in ads for the Flex 5000 and other transceivers? — mention of nulling and identification of would-be jammers of the Liberty Net in antenna ads in QST?

Seriously, though, the Liberty Net meme has saturated the ham-radiosphere and is making its way via SWL into the society at large. That’s a good thing.