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by WB4AIO on 18 December, 2009

The TEAC-3340S, the model which was the main WB4AIO recording deck for many years, before it was stolen along with everything else I owned in 2006. Today I use Cool Edit Pro to make most of my recordings.

The TEAC A-3340S, the model which was the main WB4AIO recording deck for many years, before it was stolen (along with virtually everything else I owned) in 2006. Today I use Cool Edit Pro (a PC-based audio suite) to make most of my recordings.

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

I’VE JUST added two sections to 3950.net, one appearing in each sidebar, showcasing some interesting amateur radio audio recordings. Make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser for this site, and you’ll see a list of recordings with a small arrow on the left of each listing. Click on the title or the arrow, and a small player will open up, allowing nearly instant playback of the file. Click anywhere on the progress bar to skip around, and right-click the ‘download’ link which appears during streaming if you want to save the file to your hard drive.

The ‘Recent Recordings’ section will offer recordings of QSOs or other interesting audio that I come across, and the ‘Liberty Net Audio’ section will feature, with the help of N2IRJ and his high-quality noise-cancelling antenna system and highly-modified receivers, recordings of the Liberty Net current events discussions that are on the air every Saturday night. (At the moment, there’s just one partial recording of a Liberty Net session posted, and that was recorded on a conventional receiver.)

Among ‘Recent Recordings,’ I’ve posted transmissions from W3GMS and W1AEX which show off their excellent AM audio:

W3GMS 3700 kHz 20091216 W1AEX 3883 kHz 20091215

And I’ve also showcased a discussion between WB2CAU and WA1HLR on the former 75 meter spy numbers station apparently operated by an Eastern Bloc intelligence agency, and WA1HLR’s marathon transmission describing his adventures running an underground cable for his AC power backup system:

WA1HLR makes marathon 21-minute transmission

WA1HLR/WB2CAU discuss 75 meter numbers station

Kevin, WB4AIO.

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