One Net, Many Feeds

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET has developed a real cyber-presence and there are now at least three ways to access it via the Internet. Instead of explaining things over the air in detail every time someone asks, I decided it would be handy to create a page explaining everything and then just refer people to and let them see for themselves.

On Saturday nights (the net starts at 10PM Eastern Time and often runs five hours or more) there are two live feeds to choose from. (Both live feeds are on Stickam, a commercial service, so sometimes you will have to sit through an ad before the feed audio appears.)

N2SAG’s feed: [THIS FEED IS TEMPORARILY DOWN; USE THE N2IRJ FEED INSTEAD] this is the original Liberty Net feed and the most popular. It not only includes Al, N2SAG’s audio feed, but sometimes other feeds are available here too — you can access them by adjusting the mute and volume controls in the sub-feed boxes on the right. Always check the feed’s main volume control in the lower left — sometimes it defaults to fully down and has to be turned up manually to be heard. On this feed, there is a lively text chat room — and sometimes comments from the chat are relayed over the air by Al.

N2IRJ’s feed: This is the same feed used to record the net for the archives on this page. Marty, N2IRJ utilizes a special low-noise beverage antenna (based on designs by Net Control Station W1WCR), the low-angle performance and westward directionality of which offer an alternative to the other live feeds at Al’s site. When there is interference or poor propagation, there is a great advantage in having multiple receiving sites and antennas to choose from. Now that option is available to you. It’s live during the net, and then repeated several times after the net is over. The chat room here is seldom used. As with Al’s feed, check the volume settings.

There is also an archive of Liberty Net recordings in mp3 format kept right here at this site, — these are not live feeds, but the latest net recording is usually posted the very next morning after the net signs off.

The latest recordings will always be featured at the top of the right-hand column no matter what page you are on at under the words “Liberty Net Audio.” The full archive going back to 2009 is available by clicking on the “Listen Now” tab at the very top of every page.

You can stream these recordings (remember, they’re several hours long) by clicking on them, or you can right-click to download them to your hard drive or mp3 player for playback anytime or anywhere! Most are around 100 MB in size.