Liberty Net: October 24, 2015

Liberty-Net---antique-light-bulb-new-ideasby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHO IS MORE likely to tell you the truth on any given issue — a news reader being paid by the big media corporations? — a self-interested politician? — or a neighbor who has personally researched the topic with no preconceptions except his family’s and kin’s best interests? Think about it and then learn — and teach others — by participating in the Liberty Net.

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Here’s my brief synopsis and analysis of just a few of the events and ideas talked about on this week’s net:

• Local authorities recently discovered a contraband and invasion tunnel — complete with rail system — running between Tijuana and San Diego. It is as long as eight football fields. These “supertunnels” are quite common, and keep getting rebuilt after they are shut down. But, for some mysterious reason, they get very little press. (24 minutes)

• When the odious Hillary Clinton was interrogated recently, she let slip that the Washington regime’s mission in Libya was to overthrow Qadaffi, not to “protect civilians” as they had falsely claimed. (25 minutes)

• The criminals in Washington have figured out a new way to evade the phony “debt limit.” They simply exempt all interest payments to the bankers from the limit, and then allow unlimited borrowing to pay the interest. If they didn’t do that, the criminals say, people might — horror of horrors — begin to doubt the “full faith and credit” of the illegal regime. (40 minutes)

• Netanyahu’s recent blathering about the so-called “Holocaust” of World War 2 was lying nonsense, of course, but just by accident part of what he said was true: The German plan was always to transfer the Jews to another country, not to kill them, and the National Socialists and the Zionists cooperated to that effect for years. (43 minutes)

• An Evangelical Christian leader, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention (an anti-White group), says that you can’t be a Christian if you oppose non-White immigration. (48 minutes)

• As recently as fifteen years ago, Ireland was overwhelmingly — almost 100 per cent. — White. But the current Jewish-instigated immigration invasion now has demographers saying that the Irish will be a minority in their own country within 35 years. (49 minutes)

• A middle school in California recently had its student government election results voided by the principal on the grounds that the candidates elected were “too White.” (52 minutes)

• Think we talk about race too much on the Liberty Net? Consider this: In Sweden or Britain or Spain or Finland and other countries, if you criticize the non-White invasion, you can be jailed. Angela Merkel is busy working to impose similar laws in Germany, even asking that Facebook help find “violators” so they can receive that 1AM knock on the door. Think it’s not coming here? Think that we can vote our way out of tyranny and genocide? Then you’re a fool. (54 minutes)

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