Liberty Net: October 31, 2015

Liberty-Net---Radio-News-coverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WHO IS the Liberty Net? The Liberty Net is farmers, business owners, factory workers, office workers, technicians, policemen, engineers, physicists, writers, fathers, mothers, grandparents, retired people, and much more. The Liberty Net is thoughtful, intelligent people who have, with no motive except education, understanding, and truth, come together to learn and to share. Unlike the controlled media, where salaries and jobs depend on kowtowing to the agenda of the ethnically distinct billionaire elite, Liberty Net participants have no financial motivation to lie or to be “Politically Correct.”

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Here’s my brief synopsis and analysis of a small selection of the topics brought up on this week’s net:

• Even though Donald Trump is deeply connected to the Jewish establishment that misrules the United States, and even though every tenth sentence out of his mouth expresses support for the murderous Zionist state, nevertheless the Jews have a visceral distrust and hatred for him — possibly because of the fact that he questions the Jews’ non-White-immigration-uber-alles agenda. (17 minutes)

• Washington just sent $300 million to Africa, supposedly to “fight HIV infection.” I guess there aren’t any sick people in the United States — or among our racial kin in Europe. (22 minutes)

• In Sweden, the rate of rapes and sexual assaults have increased more than 400 per cent. — with a third of the victims being under 15 years old. The increase is due to the behavior of non-White migrant males toward White women, yet almost nothing is being done to help the women, and literally nothing is being done to stop the invasion, which will end with Swedes becoming extinct unless radical solutions are implemented very soon. (24 minutes)

• A bill has been introduced in Russia making it a crime to promote any kind of abnormal sexuality in public. (1 hour 9 minutes)

• While the Jews are busy opening the gates to their fellow Middle Eastern invaders, Europeans are finally starting to awaken to the racial/biological nature of their peril. But without an awakening to the primary role of the Jews in the invasion, the people’s understanding will be fatally limited. (1 hour 20 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 10/31