Liberty Net: October 3, 2015

Liberty-Net---Collins-30L1by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

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Here’s my brief digest of, and comment on, just a few of the issues discussed on this week’s Liberty Net:

• The Russians have been bombing ISIS — and Washington-backed “rebel” positions that supply ISIS with weapons — in an effort to support the Assad government in Syria. The Mossad, Israel, the CIA, and the whores in Congress are very, very unhappy about this. (3 minutes)

• In Pennsylvania, teachers and others who work with children are now being required to submit their fingerprints (and other private, personal data) to the regime’s FBI in Washington. While that might be fine if we still had our own society, and if the FBI was not an utterly corrupt enemy of freedom and of the American people, but as it is it’s no better than turning your social security number, passwords, and all your other personal data over to the Mafia. (15 minutes)

• The National Science Foundation is going to fund — to the tune of some $300,000 — an alleged “researcher” at Drexel University who is going to try and create a “feminist theory of computers” and use it to redesign computer systems, because, it is claimed, computers are “male gendered” due to the fact that they are designed mostly by men. (32 minutes)

• Milquetoast cuckservative George Will was wringing his hands the other day at the scary thought that immigration laws might start to be enforced, calling it “ethnic cleansing.” Apparently it never occurred to Georgie Boy that his own people are being ethnically cleansed by replacement migration, and that he has a duty to defend his own people — no matter what it takes. (43 minutes)

• No surprise here: Israeli NGOs, financed by the Israeli government, are now “helping Syrian refugees.” One might assume that these groups are helping the Syrians settle in Israel — but no, no, no indeed. Israel bans the entrance of Syrians, but funds these NGOs that are helping them enter — you guessed it — Europe. (47 minutes)

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