Liberty Net: November 28, 2015

Liberty-Net---Siemens-receiver-selective-voltmeterby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SHOULD WE be afraid of terrorism? Yes, perhaps, but it is probably better to use the word “war” instead. “Terrorism” is just a pejorative term for specific techniques that are sometimes used in war. Certain groups are making war on us, using many techniques, not just terrorism alone. One technique is invasion via immigration and replacement migration; another is the use of propaganda to reduce our birth rate and offering “inducements” to legislators to outlaw resistance to the invasion; and there are many others.

It is one of the legitimate functions of government to defend us from the groups that are making war on us. But the government will not do that. It welcomes the war-making groups, coddles them, supports them with our wealth, and criminalizes anyone who fights against or even criticizes them. What does this prove? It proves that our government has been captured and is no longer ours.

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Here’s a short summary of — and comment on — a few of the issues discussed during this week’s net session:

• There’s no point in “vetting” Muslim (or any other non-White) immigrants to “make sure they’re not terrorists.” The reason: People’s inclinations and loyalties are 90 per cent. ethnic, biological, and racial — so therefore citizenship should be based on race. And if we returned to kinship-based societies (which means the same thing as race-based societies), then we would quickly return to the level of trust, peace, and law-abiding character that we once had in this nation. (25 minutes)

• What in the Hell are we doing in an alliance with Turkey, who are 80 to 90 per cent. cultural and racial aliens to us and who have vastly different interests — and why should we even consider backing them in their attacks on Russia, when Russians are fellow Europeans like us? (49 minutes)

• A nine-year-old schoolboy in Florida wrote a very nice love letter to a nine-year-old girl in his class — and when the school administration found out about it, the boy was threatened with being charged with “sexual harassment” if the “incident” was repeated. Bet if he had written the letter to another boy, he would have been hailed as some kind of hero. (55 minutes)

• Why are non-White invaders getting even one cent of our tax money while there are still economically suffering, worthy families among our own people? (1 hour 9 minutes)

• Western nations should stop making war on the innocent Muslims who stayed home in their own countries, and also immediately close the gates to the invading Muslims now flowing into the West. One idea that has been floated recently is the construction of “safe zones” in their home countries, where local citizens would be protected from any and all attacks. (1 hour 11 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/28