Liberty Net: April 16, 2016

Liberty-Net---streaming-radio-playerby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

HERE COMES the thunderstorm static as warm weather spreads across the continent — so make sure that your antenna is efficient and that you have the ability to run plenty of power to get through when necessary!

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Here’s my choice from among the topics discussed on this week’s Liberty Net, along with my comments:

• Saudi Arabia is threatening to dump its substantial US dollar and US securities investments on the market if a certain bill passes that would initiate a serious investigation of that country’s role in the 9/11 attacks. Such a dumping might have a beneficial effect in the long term, since pension funds and others would be able to buy up high quality securities for pennies on the dollar in the short term. (18 minutes)

• One reason for the fanatical establishment opposition to Trump may be the candidate’s promise to hold a new and more honest investigation into 9/11. (43 minutes)

• The Washington regime is considering barring its employees from traveling to Acapulco, Mexico because of the extremely high murder rate there. I wonder if other nations ban travel to Chicago or Dee-troit or other such diverse paradises in the US. (1 hour 2 minutes)

• Welcome to Third World America, Zimbabwe writ large: Even in elite Wellesley, Massachusetts, they have now found E. coli in the water supply. A “boil water” advisory has been issued. (1 hour 7 minutes)

• Many of the new computer-controlled and Internet-enabled systems in modern automobiles are eminently hackable, endangering the privacy and safety of drivers and passengers. Yet the criminals in Congress want to take away our rights to modify such software to protect ourselves. (1 hour 9 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 4/16