Liberty Net: February 5, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

ON SATURDAY NIGHT the ionosphere went almost into shutdown mode, with all signals weak and short-skip signals almost nonexistent except for a fluttery backscatter — but that didn’t stop a flood of new stations from checking into America’s longest-running amateur radio discussion net, the Liberty Net. That just goes to show that even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, well-engineered home HF radio setups can still communicate on a continental scale.

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Here are some of the subjects that participants discussed this week:

• This week, a Florida judge ruled that “Obamacare,” with its unprecedented compulsory purchase requirements, is unconstitutional — a decision also reached recently in Virginia. (22 minutes)

• A sitting governor of North Dakota was removed from office when it was found that he did not meet constitutional eligibility requirements, so there is a precedent for removing Obama under similar circumstances. (24 minutes)

• The US military is building a huge 264-acre “mock city” — which will even include actors to play “citizens” — to train soldiers to repress future uprisings of patriots opposed to the illegal government in Washington, and accustom troops to firing on their fellow Americans. (26 minutes)

• America’s public schools are becoming insane asylums where White children are arrested for using pea shooters, but non-Whites are granted official permission to carry “ceremonial daggers,” as recently happened in Dearborn, Michigan. (30 minutes)

• A young child’s life may be ruined by a criminal conviction being pushed by local New Jersey authorities — because he brought a toy gun that shoots ping-pong balls to school. (40 minutes)

• The fall of the US dollar is now an inevitable result of the government’s decisions in the late 20th century 1) to “take care” of the underclass whose votes the politicians sought to buy, and 2) to make America a non-White, non-Western nation with all the factionalization and low productivity that that implies. (1 hour 39 minutes)

• Now that the Republicans and Fox News, as predicted months ago by N2SAG on the Liberty Net, are putting their arms around Barack Obama (John McCain has even hailed Obama as a “centrist”), expect another war for Israel in the Middle East, possibly combined with another 9/11-like false flag attack on America. (2 hours 14 minutes)

• George W. Bush got a last-minute warning not to attend a speech he was to give to a Jewish group in Switzerland, because several human rights organizations there had obtained a warrant for his arrest based on his role in ordering torture. (2 hours 52 minutes)

• Isn’t it remarkable that the freest, most thorough, and most open coverage of the revolutions in the Middle East is coming from al-Jazeera, while the very worst, most censored, and most slanted coverage comes from “American” networks? (3 hours 2 minutes)

• Now that “laser ranging” bullets have been developed (which explode when they reach the target’s distance), N2SAG is calling for a law to forever forbid these bullets from being used against American citizens. (3 hours 10 minutes)

The Liberty Net is a gathering that includes thoughtful, philosophical minds and well-informed sources every week, and any amateur operator can join in the discussion and debate. A big “thank you” to N2SAG and N2IRJ and especially W1WCR for their hard work which makes the Liberty Net and its Internet annexes  possible. You can download the Net right here at and listen in your gym or on your way to work or anywhere you choose.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/5