Liberty Net: August 25, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE TWO PARTIES RUN by one claque of oligarchs have nothing at all to say that’s worth hearing, but they do make a great deal of noise this time of year. In contrast, the free thinkers on the Liberty Net are not beholden to the corrupt System, are unafraid to “tell it like it is,” and are often very much worth listening to.

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Here’s just a fraction of the ideas discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this week:

• Why is the Republican party leadership throwing Todd Akin under the bus and attacking him with such vehemence? It simply can’t be his ill-informed misstatement about rape and pregnancy (for which he has apologized), since others who have said — and done — far worse have simply been ignored. What hidden agenda is driving the chief prostitutes’ extremely hostile behavior? (21 minutes)

• More than 358 people have been shot dead on the streets of Third World Chicago so far this year (19 on one recent day alone), but to the billionaire-controlled media this isn’t a major story. Why? Because they want America to become even more Third World — and less White — than it already is. (38 minutes)

• The Chinese have been spending a larger and larger proportion of their seemingly endless supply of Federal Reserve Notes on gold. What does that say about their opinion of America’s economic future? (43 minutes)

• The criminals in Congress have been keeping their rotten regime financially afloat by stealing from federal employees’ pension funds for years now. When that scam reaches its limit, expect private IRAs and 401k plans to be looted next, with some spurious “law” or executive order used as a pretext. (51 minutes)

• A judge in Texas has stated that sentiment against Fetchit (note he did not say sentiment for Republicans) is so strong that there may be civil unrest if he is ostensibly re-elected. (1 hour 1 minute)

• When you have a population of very low genetic quality, such as now obtains in New York City and other urban areas, you also need ever-increasing numbers of violent, thug-like, and lawless policemen to protect yourself from the fast-breeding criminal underclass. When New York policemen recently shot five innocent people in an attempt to kill one suspect, Mayor Bloomberg was so brazen as to claim the victims had not actually been shot but had been “struck by falling crockery.” (1 hour 25 minutes)

• Are the recent unexplained seismic events detected in several US cities the result of construction of underground facilities of some kind? The Washington regime has long had such facilities to protect themselves (but not us — and perhaps from us) and it is not inconceivable that the oligarchs may be doing the same thing in preparation for a patriotic revolution. (1 hour 35 minutes)

• Wouldn’t it make for a more peaceful world if the people could somehow forbid their overlords from building these kinds of luxurious underground escape facilities? Wouldn’t forcing them to share in whatever wartime fate might await the general population make the politicians and oligarchs at least somewhat less likely to be warmongers? (1 hour 48 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 8/25