Liberty Net: January 4, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THIS IS the 40th anniversary year of amateur radio’s Liberty Net, the premier free speech and current events discussion net on amateur radio. I’m very pleased to be a part of the net’s ever-increasing circle of authentic sharing and community-building.

Listen: Liberty Net 1/4″]

Here’s a selection of the concepts brought forward on the net this week:

• The loyalty that some people have to professional sports teams is almost unbelievable. It’s as if the loyalty they ought to have to their race and nation has been transferred to a bunch of hired ball chasers. (19 minutes)

• Despite the false arrests and actual murders of members of Greece’s Golden Dawn, the group is standing strong — and recently a Greek bishop gave them full support. For news direct from the source, check out (44 minutes)

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Liberty Net: December 28, 2013

oldradioby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET experienced extremely long propagation this week, during which a 100-Watt station from Idaho came in stronger on the Atlantic coast than some of the regular Eastern powerhouses. Special thanks to N1UZI for helping to relay some of the weaker stations!

Listen: Liberty Net 12/28″]

Here’s a small portion of the ideas discussed and debated on the net this session:

• Considering how “dumbed down” the American population is, and how utterly corrupt the politicians are, the results of a Constitutional Convention would very likely be even more of a total disaster than what we have now. (24 minutes)

• Recently Saudi Arabia deported a number of illegal Ethiopian immigrants, and even required Ethiopia to foot the bill for their flight home. Why are the Saudis not attacked as “racist” for doing this? Who is promoting mass Third World immigration into White countries — and only White countries — and “morally” shaming Whites who object? (31 minutes)

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Liberty Net: 21 December, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

EVEN YULETIDE can’t keep Liberty Net participants apart — in fact, it brought them together this year for a Midweek Liberty session of uncommon good cheer and camaraderie. Please consider joining our community of sharing, wit, friendship, and fun — and check in this week.

Listen: Liberty Net 12/21″]

Here’s a small portion of the concepts brought up on the net this time:

• There’s a very clever homemade video going viral on YouTube called “Anti-Racist Hitler,” an hilarious send-up of the modern quasi-religion of “equality.” (27 minutes)

• There was a time in America when engaging in homosexual perversion could easily cost you your job. Now making even the faintest criticism of such perversion could get you fired. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: December 14, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PROPAGATION ON the 75 meter band continues to be long, making the Liberty Net participants far outside the Northeast especially valuable, since closer-in stations sometimes have a hard time hearing one another under current conditions. Stations more than 400 miles distant are, typically, relatively unaffected.

Listen: Liberty Net 12/14″]

Here’s a small selection of the ideas brought up on the net this session:

• Even though they have received countless billions of dollars in “bailouts,” the banks still can’t pay their tellers enough to keep more than a third of them off government assistance. (19 minutes)

• Debt at compound interest, coupled with the “fractional reserve” banking system of creating all money as debt, is a totally unsustainable system guaranteed to impoverish the people and the nation — and ultimately crash. Time to cancel all bank debt and start again, with an honest money system this time. (37 minutes)

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Liberty Net: December 7, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE INTERNET is a great and, so far, little-censored medium for debate and for bypassing the controlled media. But for truly understanding the other fellow’s point of view, there’s nothing that can match hearing — and responding to — the other speaker’s actual words, and actual voice, in real time. That’s one of the great strengths of the Liberty Net.

Listen: Liberty Net 12/7″]

Here’s a small selection from among the debates on the net this week:

• The media talk on December 7th embodied two great hoaxes: the idea that the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack was a “surprise” to the regime in Washington, and the “sainted” image of murderer, terrorist, and Communist Nelson Mandela. (26 minutes)

• One of the “revolutionary” methods used by Mandela’s ANC against their Black political rivals was called “necklacing” — which was accomplished by placing a gasoline-soaked automobile tire around an immobilized victim’s neck, then setting it afire. The deaths suffered were prolonged and agonizing. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 30, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PROPAGATION WAS again an issue for the Liberty Net this week, with short skip suppressed and long skip enhanced. When this happens, the net’s Internet streams can be very useful, often allowing you to hear stations you can’t hear directly at your location. We’ve also added a “critical frequency” map to (see the link in the left column), a constantly-updated world map which shows the highest frequency possible for vertical-incidence (very short skip) wave reflection. When the critical frequency drops below 4 MHz in your area, skip zones will appear on 75 meters.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/30″]

Here are a few selections from the ideas brought up on the Liberty Net this week for debate and discussion:

• What happens if relatively few people sign up for the pathetically poor “Obamacare” medical coverage? Will the system be allowed to fail, as any similarly-worthless private entity would? Will the quasi-monopoly insurance companies that are in bed with the regime be allowed to go bankrupt? (12 minutes)

• Was the 2.5 trillion dollars that “went missing” from the Pentagon used to finance false flag acts of terror in order to get the morons to accept giving more power to the regime in Washington? (29 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 23, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

PROPAGATION WAS not kind to the Midweek Liberty Net this week — it was almost impossible for stations closer than 400 miles away to hear one another, and a proper recording was impossible — but the Saturday session participants experienced excellent signals, even better than usual.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/23″]

Here is a small selection from the concepts brought up on the Liberty Net this time for debate and discussion:

• It approaches the preposterous — no, the supernatural — that the Zionist oligarchs and their lapdog politicians and “journalists” are once again trying to convince us that we must make war on yet another country, this time Iran, because it “possesses weapons of mass destruction.” If anyone has WMDs, by the way, it’s the US and Israel. (5 minutes)

• Immediately after the John F. Kennedy assassination, the media — and then-Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren — were making claims that a conspiracy of “right wing extremists” was behind the killing. When it was later disclosed that a Communist was involved, all of a sudden the party line shifted, and any hint of a conspiracy was denied. (10 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 16, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS THE PONZI scheme that is modern finance capitalism continues to fail, and the phony Marxist and “liberal” schemes that purport to ameliorate it also fail, people are going to be depending more and more on their families, neighbors, friends, and local communities for the necessary goods, services, and social connections that they’ll need to survive and prosper. That will make spontaneous social groups like the Liberty Net more important than ever in the future.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/16″]

Here is a selection of some of the ideas discussed this week on the Liberty Net:

• Why is the “Knockout Game,” in which Blacks gather in gangs and purposely try to knock out innocent Whites in one punch (and sometimes kill them in the process) — a “game” which is spreading across the United States — not a media cause celebre, as the Trayvon Martin killing was? (23 minutes)

• Since 9/11, police in the United States have killed more people than all the Americans who were killed in “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Statistics also indicate that police officers are far more likely to commit domestic violence and sexual assault than the general population. Lesson: As America descends into Third World racial savagery, we increasingly “need” a more militarized and thug-like police force just to keep the savages in line. Far better to separate from the savages — and the uniformed thugs too. (32 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 9, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is different from other amateur radio nets. Its participants are passionately interested in free speech and in the kind of world that we’ll be leaving to our children. And we’re aware that the billionaires’ media lie all the time, requiring a personal dedication to ferreting out the facts through alternative media and personal sharing.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/9″]

Here’s a small sample of the ideas and events debated on the net:

• Even though the postal service claims to be losing money and is constantly threatening to cut services, apparently they have no lack of funds to take photographs of all 160 billion pieces of mail that they take in every year, and share them with the regime’s thugs at the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies. (9 minutes)

• A new service for absolutely private email is being set up by a group called Silent Circle, part of the Dark Mail Alliance, with high-security encryption (the kind the NSA doesn’t like) and servers outside of the US and so not subject to scrutiny by the Washington regime. (11 minutes)

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Liberty Net: November 2, 2013


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET is now approaching its 40th anniversary and over almost all of that time it has been led by Vic, W1WCR — who, impressively, is still the Net’s present net control operator! The Liberty Net is a social network, a free speech forum, and a true amateur radio institution.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/2″]

Here’s a small sample of the concepts and issues debated on the net this session:

• Google Glass allows you to wear a special pair of glasses and see Internet content, take pictures, get directions, and other functions while navigating what is still called “the real world.” Some jurisdictions have banned these glasses, ostensibly for safety and privacy reasons. (25 minutes)

• Intel has come out with a new V-PRO processor chip with its own separate invisible operating system and separate invisible 3G network access. This could allow “maintenance access” to help an engineer fix your system — but who else, from the government or otherwise, might also tap in? So far, only Intel has this feature. (31 minutes)

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