Liberty Net: August 18, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE’S QUITE a bit of controversy on the Liberty Net — lately there’s been strong disagreement between some net participants on the one hand who think that getting rid of the regime’s current figurehead would be much better for our people’s future, those on the other hand who think that a Republican figurehead would be even worse, and those who believe that electoral politics make no difference whatsoever and we should be working to secede or to radically alter or replace the illegal regime in Washington.

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Here’s a small sample of the hundreds of topics debated during the Liberty Net this week:

• In Europe — and in the Old America — private home and apartment gardens were once encouraged as a means of increasing self-sufficiency and the citizens’ ability to survive a money crisis. But would such a plan work in the gang-ridden, disunited, ignorant, violent Third World society that America is becoming? (16 minutes)

• When President Zero, the current manager of the oligarchs’ estate in America, makes public appearances, everyone in the audience has to be authorized and exhaustively analyzed as to identification and background. Strangely, the same standards are not — and indeed cannot, if he is to stay in office — be applied to Fetchit himself. (28 minutes)

• Why did the Social Security Administration order millions upon millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition recently? Why have similar non-police and non-military arms of the Washington regime done the same thing? Could it have something to do with the whistleblower at DHS who said the regime is expecting the economy to get much worse and possibly precipitate a patriotic revolution — which they intend to suppress with violence? (40 minutes)

• Local or state ordinances banning gardens should be overridden by a national policy promoting family and community gardens and absolutely tax-free barter between gardeners. A new patriotic national government could do this immediately — but our dependence-loving and megacorporation-loving occupation government is unlikely to do so. (48 minutes)

• A new virus called “Shamoon” has hit the Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco, and apparently targets oil producers in the Middle East, making Israel the primary suspect despite a previously unheard-of “Arab Youth” group taking credit. (1 hour 55 minutes)

• Apparently one group — the misnamed “Hispanic” invaders of our southern borders — is immune from prosecution for their decades-long open and egregious violation of fundamental law. Why should others be required to obey it, then? (2 hours 11 minutes)

• Is Romney’s warmongering just temporary pandering to the Jewish power structure, since he knows that that group largely controls “American” media and finance? Is he a man who really holds quite different beliefs — beliefs that will show themselves once he has power (assuming that presidents really do have power)? Or is he a man utterly without beliefs or morals, who rises by pandering to groups with money and influence? (2 hours 26 minutes)

• What is mentally and morally wrong with the millions of Americans who are not outraged by the Washington regime’s officially announced policy of murdering anyone they choose anywhere in the world, including American citizens? Obama’s supporters thought that their candidate would end the murders — but he instead increased them. And Rob-me is if anything even more bloodthirsty. The oligarchs will not give us a choice in the matter. They want the right to slaughter their enemies, and we peons must never be able to overrule that. (2 hours 38 minutes)

• A chef at a prestigious Iowa City restaurant was arrested and charged with a federal crime simply for looking up Obama’s college records while employed at a previous job. The attorney who represented him was a recent check-in to the Liberty Net. (3 hours 10 minutes)

• John Corzine, who helmed MF Global as it “lost” billions in shareholders’ funds, is considering starting a brand new hedge fund. Who’s next? Bernie Madoff? (3 hours 14 minutes)

• Social Security has been used by our rulers as a semi-covert way to funnel billions more to “minority” groups through what is known on the street as “crazy money” — large monthly payments made to families with a “cognitively impaired” child or three. Since the average IQ of Africans is only marginally above what is officially considered retarded, huge numbers qualify. Certain other groups aren’t much different. If the “crazy money” ever stops flowing, maybe the Social Security offices will need those hollow-point bullets. (3 hours 30 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 8/18