Liberty Net: November 17, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IONOSPHERIC CONDITIONS WERE EXCELLENT for an equally excellent Liberty Net session this week. We’re seeing record downloads of our recordings, and record numbers of listeners to our live feed too. The sharing of real experiences and real knowledge — knowledge that some people don’t want you to know — is exciting, fulfilling, and fun.

Listen: Liberty Net 11/17

Here are some of the concepts and events discussed during this week’s session of the Liberty Net:

• Was the recent impasse between “greedy unions” and “greedy Hostess” engineered specifically to facilitate moving operations to Mexico? If so, get prepared for Wonder Bread and Twinkies that taste like tamales and raw sewage. (14 minutes)

• What is needed is a European civilization of sovereign nations, vowed to racial solidarity and self-determination — not a phony “European Union” that includes non-Whites and is run by bankers. (21 minutes)

• It’s not just the drunken spending policies of the government that are bankrupting us. It’s also the severe decline in the genetic quality of the population. People of low genetic quality don’t produce excellence — it’s that simple. Look at Vermont: Despite its crazy wild-spending quasi-socialist policies, productivity and quality of life remain high. The reason? Vermont’s population is nearly 100 per cent. of European descent. (50 minutes)

• Don’t believe the lie that the Muslims “hate us for our freedom.” It’s the Washington regime and the Zionists and the oligarchs who hate our freedom — and are doing everything in their power to take it away from us. (1 hour 10 minutes)

• One of the most preposterous claims made by the phony patriots and warmongers is the claim that Iraq was ruled by a particularly “wicked dictator” and that we are “free.” In Hussein’s Iraq, private individuals were free to bear powerful firearms — right on the street! Clearly the government did not fear its own people. Compare this attitude to that of the Washington regime today. (1 hour 49 minutes)

• Here are the latest statistics on interracial rape in the United States: 99.9% are Black males raping White women. (2 hours 5 minutes)

• The (apparently, to the untrained eye) White elitists don’t care at all about the new “sport” among Black gangs, the “knockout game,” in which street punks sucker-punch White pedestrians, with the goal being to knock them out in one blow. Videos of the “game” are then posted on YouTube. (2 hours 15 minutes)

• Why do the bankers continuously take a bigger and bigger percentage of our wealth and property as time goes on? It’s simply the basic structure of fractional reserve banking: When you put a thousand dollars in your checking account, the bankers can “lend” out around $900 of it without deducting it from your account. Thus they are allowed to collect interest on money which they create out of nothing. Now you do the math. (2 hours 55 minutes)

Remember, you can actually participate in these Liberty Net discussions by checking in Saturday nights at 10 pm Eastern Time, somewhere above 3950 kHz (lately 3967 has been used most often) on the 75 meter ’phone band, or by logging on to one of the live streams right here at or at N2SAG’s Stickam page, linked in the left column of our site. See you on the air!

Listen: Liberty Net 11/17