Liberty Net: May 11, 2013

Liberty Net - Grebe receiver

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THE LIBERTY NET lost a good friend and participant with the recent death of Harrison Perl, K4GAR. Harrison, 92, was a pilot during World War 2 and was a regular on the net for two decades with his powerful signal from Sarasota, Florida. He was very active in national and local efforts to prevent the destruction of this nation for most of his adult life. Goodbye, courageous friend.

Liberty Net – 2013-0511″]

Here are a few selected items from the Liberty Net discussions this week:

• The so-called “Internal Revenue Service” is nothing more than a terror group and a collection agency for the banks. It is totally illegal and always has been. It should be treated exactly the same way that the very worst terror killers, murderers, and Mafia hit men are treated. (35 minutes)

• What a spineless bunch of cowards run the Heritage Foundation! They fired one of their officials for writing a paper when he was in college saying that Mestizo immigrants have a lower average IQ than Whites — something that practically everyone, Mestizos included, knows is true. (58 minutes)

• America was not founded as an “open borders” “melting pot.” The very first immigration law passed in the United States, and approved by the founders themselves, limited immigration to “free White people” only. (1 hour 2 minutes)

• When there is gridlock in Washington — and when budget problems shut down everything — Americans sleep more safely at night, knowing their lives and their families are more secure than usual. (2 hours 25 minutes)

• The multi-thousand-page monstrosity that is hypocritically called the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill” is being pushed by anti-White warmonger Democrats and cheap-labor neocon warmonger Republicans. When these two gangs get together like this, you know it will be a disaster for our people. Their “bill” is really an amnesty bill that will outright legalize the Mestizo invasion. (2 hours 27 minutes)

• John McCain is willing to fight to the last dead American soldier to defend Israel’s borders — but won’t lift a finger to defend America’s borders. (2 hours 33 minutes)

• Hidden in the “immigration reform” bill is a provision to create a gigantic facial recognition database for the entire population of the former United States. Privacy advocates worry that this will eventually be used to control all human activities from attendance at sporting events to logging on to the Internet. The monsters who created this bill use the innocuous-sounding name “photo tool” for this privacy-destroying database system. (2 hours 41 minutes)

• These massive invasions of privacy and the implementation of a quasi-military “police state America” would not be necessary if we would come to our senses and just reinstate the racial definition of citizenship that we had for almost 200 years. (2 hours 42 minutes)

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Liberty Net – 2013-0511″]