Liberty Net: May 25, 2013

Liberty Net - waves of thought

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT about going on strike? — withdrawing as far as possible from supporting the economy, the regime in Washington, and the parasites that feed on them? — withdrawing from any act, economic or otherwise, that supports the regime’s murderous, illegal wars? Think about it — and listen to the three weekly Liberty Net and Survival Net sessions for fresh ideas that could change your life and the world.

Liberty Net – 2013-0525″]

Here are a few of the latest ideas put up for discussion and debate on the Liberty Net:

• If Bush and Obama were authentic human beings instead of monstrous shills for the even more monstrous oligarchs, they would show remorse for the thousands of innocent people they have tortured, the thousands of innocent people they have ripped away from their equally innocent families, the thousands of innocent people they have burned alive, the thousands of innocent people they have killed with bombs and missiles, and the millions of innocent people who have lost their freedom and suffered grievously because of the evil puppet governments they have set up. (11 minutes)

• In Europe, the System’s police refuse to protect the people from immigrant violence and aggression. Even worse, the police attack the people when they protest the violence, human trafficking, and other crimes committed by non-Whites. But there is hope — nationalist groups are stepping in to do the job that the police will not do. (36 minutes)

• In Sweden in recent years, 99 per cent. of rapes were committed by non-Whites. In Norway it’s 100 per cent. People are beginning to question the billionaires’ mantra “our diversity is our strength.” (55 minutes)

• Don’t ever think that the oligarchs and their politician employees are “being stupid” or “making a mistake” when they import Third Worlders into our countries by the millions. It’s being done deliberately, and for several reasons: 1) to commit genocide against White people, who are passionately hated by the oligarchs, and 2) to create chaos in order to justify a police state. (1 hour 1 minute)

• The oligarchs have a plan for American conservatives. First, they will radically change conservatism: instead of being a noble effort to protect and preserve a unique people and their priceless genetic and cultural heritage, they will transform it into a phony “movement” totally focused on keeping one’s money and cheering on the regime’s murderous war machine. Second, they will liquidate the idiots they have tricked as soon as it is feasible. (1 hour 7 minutes)

• Despite the innumerable horrific crimes of the Washington regime over many decades, there is a resistance among otherwise decent people to state the obvious truth: The regime is outrageously illegal, and no one owes any allegiance to it. (1 hour 24 minutes)

• The regime in Washington is preparing to treat White Americans in exactly the same way it treated Amerindians 100 years ago — and as its ally in the Middle East treats Palestinians today. (1 hour 30 minutes)

• A whistle-blower at the World Bank has exposed the corrupt officials, centered around the US banking system and its so-called “Federal Reserve,” who manipulate the world’s peoples and steal their wealth through money creation. (1 hour 40 minutes)

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Kudos and thanks go to Vic, W1WCR, for his decades of hard work for free speech and amateur radio!

Liberty Net – 2013-0525″]