Liberty Net: July 26, 2014


by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS BOMBS FALL on Gaza, murdering countless innocents, the US government, totally in the pocket of the world’s wealthiest ethnic group, is supporting the murderers — and so are the billionaires’ media, like Fox News and CNN.

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Here is my selection from among the ideas discussed during this week’s Liberty Net session:

• Altruistic people are starting to use social media as a platform for donating money to Blacks in Detroit who are behind on their water payments. Altruism is a good trait, but when our own people are suffering in many places around the world, it is really moral to contribute to one of the most prolific races inhabiting and invading our living space? (9 minutes)

• Add “United States” to the list of countries that have blocked YouTube videos. The oh-so-sacred US military has decided that certain ideas and thoughts are off limits to soldiers. (20 minutes)

• When trying to educate people about White genocide on Internet forums, one of the best tactics is to get the anti-White opponent to admit that what he really wants to do is to get rid of White people. A good question to ask is “What have White people done to lose the right to exist?” (Never accept the enemy’s terminology, by the way, like the invented-for-political-purposes word “racist.” If you accept the enemy’s terminology, you implicitly accept his ideology. So don’t bother to defend yourself against that bogus charge, unless you want to be like the witless, milquetoast conservatives who have totally capitulated on the issue of race and now endorse White genocide as much as any Marxist.) (27 minutes)

• With reference to the biggest issue of all time for our civilization, there are only two kinds of people: anti-White-survival and pro-White-survival. (37 minutes)

• Why are Asians, Jews, Mestizos, and Blacks allowed to openly work to promote their races’ interests, but if White people do the same thing, they are attacked by Jewish groups as “racist”?  (41 minutes)

• It was another active weekend in Chicago: 40 people shot, including an 11-year-old killed accidentally by a drive-by shooter — not anywhere near as many as over the Independence Day weekend, though! (1 hour 1 minute)

• In Philadelphia this week, an imam and an emir decided to enforce their unique brand of justice and cut off the hand of one of their parishioners with a machete. (1 hour 3 minutes)

• A regime “think tank” called the “Pope Center” says that all universities should give preference to non-Whites in technology and hard-science classes, and further recommends that the non-Whites’ grades should be automatically raised because of past “discrimination.” (1 hour 9 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 7/26″]