Liberty Net: September 5, 2015

Liberty-Net---Sommerkamp-transceiverby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

IN EUROPE, the picture of an Arab refugee boy washed up dead on the shore has been widely exposed as a fake, but it served its purpose of softening up weak, emotional White people so they would accept the ever-increasing and disastrous invasion of their homelands. The media — which are heavily controlled by a much earlier wave of Middle Eastern invaders, the Jews — are essentially running a psyop on European peoples to get them to accept their own genocide. And the same thing, with minor variations, is happening in North America.

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Here’s a brief summary of — and my take on — some of the items and ideas discussed on the net this week:

• When they defrauded millions of investors in recent years, the bankers had their wrists slapped and had to pay some fines. The fines, however, went to government entities and not to the people who were actually harmed. And, needless to say, none of the kosher crooks spent even five minutes in jail. (20 minutes)

• Greece is a small country, with a total population — 11 million — smaller than that of many large cities. Yet it is expected to bear all the social service and other costs of a massive multi-year alien invasion involving millions of “migrants” with no end in sight. (27 minutes)

• Among 18-24-year-old Greeks, Golden Dawn is now the most popular political party. Barring a Soros, Mossad, or CIA intervention, it looks like the bankers’ bloody hands will soon be off the throats of the Greek people — and the southeastern “migrant” invasion route will be effectively closed. (35 minutes)

• One of the largest population genetic studies ever performed concludes that, despite decades of media brainwashing and propaganda, American Whites have, with very few exceptions, maintained the purity of their European bloodlines, and racial mixing has been negligible. When reporting the study, the Jewish-controlled media — no doubt angered and disappointed — described us as “shockingly European.” (36 minutes)

• A popular Austrian magazine recently self-censored and deleted the results of their own poll, in which over 55 per cent. of participants said they would vote for a resurrected Adolf Hitler if he would rid Europe of “migrants.” In a related story, a group of jokesters began putting Hitler quotes (without attribution, and with the word “Jews” changed to “migrants”) as comments on Britain’s Daily Mail Web site. These turned out to be some of the most popular “upvoted” comments among readers — until the Mail got wind of what was going on and banned them. (39 minutes)

• An Indian tribe in Canada is under attack for its law banning residence in tribal territory to tribe members who marry outside their race. But so far they have stood firm and their eminently sensible law is still in force. (40 minutes)

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