Liberty Net: November 14, 2015

Liberty-Net---audio-mixing-consoleby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

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Here’s my digest of — and take on — a small selection of the ideas brought up on this week’s net:

• European civilization obviously has a Muslim problem. But it would be more correct to call it a Semite problem — because without the Jewish oligarchs and media barons throwing open our gates, making war on innocent Muslims in their own homelands, and teaching Whites a race-blind “morality” that prevents us from resisting, the invaders wouldn’t be in our nations at all. (23 minutes)

• More “coalition bombing” is definitely not the solution to the terror problem in Europe. The only possible solution is to make citizenship and residency available only to those of European descent, coupled with an end to Western intervention in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. (34 minutes)

• The terror attacks in Paris actually didn’t happen. They couldn’t have happened because they were impossible. They were impossible because guns and other weapons are illegal there. (44 minutes)

• A recent statistic quoted in the media tells us that only 20 per cent. of Muslims “believe in jihad” against the West. Ignoring the fact that this would still be millions upon millions of people, is it possible that a large part of the 80 per cent. are lying to the pollsters? Since the Jewish oligarchs who control the West have been forcing Western nations to make bloody war on the mostly-innocent Muslims who stayed home for more than a decade now, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if 100 per cent. of Muslims now believe in jihad. (46 minutes)

• The very worst dregs of the Third World are being imported en masse to the United States and released onto the streets. There is no other conclusion possible: The alien elite that rule this country want us dead. (1 hour 7 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 11/14