Liberty Net: February 20, 2016

Liberty-Net---telephone-operatorby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SOME social networks are bigger — but none are better or more direct and personal than amateur radio’s Liberty Net, now in its 42nd year of serving the public interest.

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Here is my take on a few of the topics that were brought up this week:

• Many of the buzzy interfering noises you hear all over the HF spectrum are coming from plasma televisions, especially those manufactured by Samsung. The corrupt Washington regime made a sweetheart deal with foreign industry to allow such interference generators into the country, and the regime’s FCC is extremely reluctant to take any action to shut them down, even when their own technicians and engineers confirm the presence of their severe interference to the amateur service. (20 minutes)

• The real question is not why Hillary Clinton is still a candidate for president — it is why she has not been arrested for treason (along with most of the Washington establishment). (35 minutes)

• How can anyone believe that Ted Cruz will end Latin American Mestizo immigration? He doesn’t even promise to do so. He just wants to “limit” illegal immigration, which means nothing (they’ll just legalize it) and that is the same thing the Establishment Republicans have been saying for 40 years to no effect whatever. But he knows how to pretend to be an evangelical Christian in order to get the votes of that woefully ignorant demographic. (1 hour 24 minutes)

• Arab Muslim refugees? Simple. Ship them all to Arab Muslim countries. And stop bombing those countries and murdering their people on behalf of Israel — then there won’t be so many refugees. It’s the Jewish power structure that created these wars and made these people refugees in the first place, creating chaos and death in their home countries to make them weak and unable to resist Israeli aggression. Now the same Jews are using the refugees to create chaos and death in Europe and other White homelands. (1 hour 34 minutes)

• Quite a few people are giving their support to Trump simply because he is fanatically hated by all the right people: the Democratic establishment, the Republican establishment, Wall Street, the media, and the Jewish power structure. Nevertheless, Trump’s views are much less revolutionary than those of many of his supporters. Trump, who supports torture, Israel, and the execution of Edward Snowden, is very much a creature of the System. Nevertheless, the System’s real owners hate him simply because of Trump’s independence. (2 hours 40 minutes)

• SPLC doesn’t stand for “Southern Poverty Law Center,” according to many — but for “Semitic Preposterous Lie Center.” (2 hours 44 minutes)

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Please check in with your call sign, and add your voice to the most exciting net on the amateur bands — every Saturday night, starting at 10PM Eastern Time — and Wednesday nights at the same time. (And check out the Sunday 10PM Survival Net too.)  The frequency varies to avoid causing interference, but is most often on 3995 LSB.

Our deepest thanks go to W1WCR for his hard work and courage in running the Liberty Net, which is now in its 42nd year.

Listen: Liberty Net 2/20