Liberty Net: July 23, 2016

Liberty-Net---FFSS-demostration-recordby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

MOST INFORMATION sources these days want to sell you something and are therefore beholden to the maker of, and market for, that thing. Or they’re selling advertising and are therefore beholden to whomever is really paying the bills. In contrast, the Liberty Net is totally non-commercial and dedicated to public service. It is not monolithic, and consists entirely of independent individuals sharing information freely, teaching — and learning from — other participants.

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Here are some selected samples of the topics brought forward on this week’s net, along with my interpretations:

• Thank goodness for Guccifer and Wikileaks, who have shown the world that the criminal Clinton Machine stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. (3 minutes)

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Liberty Net: January 16, 2016

Liberty-Net---glowing-KT88-tubesby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS HALF of North America is blanketed with a thick coat of freezing snow, there is no better time to gather in our warm radio rooms and communicate with like-minded free thinkers all across the continent on one of the first electronic social networks ever developed — the Liberty Net, going strong since 1974.

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Here’s my summary of, and commentary on, some of the subjects discussed on the net this week:

• Poorly-informed patriots are often heard to say things like “2016 will be the year that elections are canceled by Obama” or “this year the New World Order will finally take away our freedom.” These statements are more than a bit bizarre in the light of the fact that 1) our most important freedoms have already been taken away from us and 2) mass democratic elections, always dominated by the unintelligent and easily-fooled majority, are the way the oligarchs control us — and so their cancellation would be nothing to bewail. (19 minutes)

• Another famous and long-running American brand has been sold to China — this time it’s General Electric appliances. So-called “free trade” is a way of increasing the wealth of the oligarchs at the expense of our own working people. (30 minutes)

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Liberty Net: September 15, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS WE SAY GOODBYE to Summer 2012, we can look back on a season of real success for the Liberty Net. Despite high static levels, storms, and high absorption on the band, more and more new stations continued to check in, the phone patch was very active, and the conversations were illuminating. And that success has been recognized by others: Recently the No Agenda Report (here and here) and the FRRL have run excerpts from, and articles on, the Liberty Net — thanks, guys!

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Here’s a little sample of the issues discussed during the latest meeting of the Net:

• So far this year 42 banks have failed — and failing isn’t easy when you can create money! (24 minutes)

• A previously unknown group calling itself “The Cutting Sword of Justice” has taken responsibility for the virus that attacked and destroyed workstations at the Saudi Aramco oil company. Such a claim certainly doesn’t rule out intelligence agency involvement — and the major intelligence agencies, especially the CIA and Mossad, are probably the greatest centers of murderous and criminal activity on this planet. (25 minutes)

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