Liberty Net: September 8, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

SINCE WE’VE STARTED communicating via the Internet, we’ve noticed that interest in the Liberty Net isn’t limited to North America. We’ve had listeners and correspondents from all over the world, from South America to Arctic Canada, from Norway and Italy to Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and Oceania. Uncensored ideas and free speech are interesting and infectious — and you won’t find them on the controlled (and mostly boring and moronic) “mainstream” media.

Listen: Liberty Net 9/8″]

Here’s a tiny sampling of the ideas brought to light during the latest session of the Liberty Net:

• When the oligarchs’ junior front man Joe Biden went to Third World Detroit recently soliciting votes, his vehicle was stolen. The same thing had happened earlier to Jesse Jackson — and to Detroit’s own mayor, too. (18 minutes)

• An Egyptian immigrant in Michigan who is apparently of overwhelmingly sub-Saharan African descent has demanded, quite rationally, that the government classify him as Black. But the Washington regime insists that he be considered White. The regime also falsely — and purposely — categorizes all Arabs and Latinos as White in crime statistics. (20 minutes)

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