Liberty Net: August 18, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

THERE’S QUITE a bit of controversy on the Liberty Net — lately there’s been strong disagreement between some net participants on the one hand who think that getting rid of the regime’s current figurehead would be much better for our people’s future, those on the other hand who think that a Republican figurehead would be even worse, and those who believe that electoral politics make no difference whatsoever and we should be working to secede or to radically alter or replace the illegal regime in Washington.

Listen: Liberty Net 8/18

Here’s a small sample of the hundreds of topics debated during the Liberty Net this week:

• In Europe — and in the Old America — private home and apartment gardens were once encouraged as a means of increasing self-sufficiency and the citizens’ ability to survive a money crisis. But would such a plan work in the gang-ridden, disunited, ignorant, violent Third World society that America is becoming? (16 minutes)

• When President Zero, the current manager of the oligarchs’ estate in America, makes public appearances, everyone in the audience has to be authorized and exhaustively analyzed as to identification and background. Strangely, the same standards are not — and indeed cannot, if he is to stay in office — be applied to Fetchit himself. (28 minutes)

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