Liberty Net for Week of January 16-23

The Liberty Net, on or around 3950 LSB 10PM ET Saturdaysby Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

EVER INTREPID, Liberty Net participants braved bad band conditions and used relay techniques and other methods to get around an ionosphere that wouldn’t cooperate this week. The conversations were as interesting and insightful as ever during the current events discussion net moderated by Vic, W1WCR and recorded by Marty, N2IRJ — with multiple live streams and concurrent text chat via N2SAG’s Stickam feed.

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Here is a small sampling of some of the provocative topics discussed and debated on the Liberty Net this week (the times indicated show when the respective discussions took place in hours and minutes from the beginning of the recording):

• Would a new home in Africa be a rational solution to the tragic destruction of Haiti by Nature and by its inhabitants? Would transfer to Africa also be viable for displaced African-descended populations in Europe and North America? (37 minutes)

• Military spokesmen state that the pollution and filth in Haiti are so great that the island can be smelled from 50 miles out at sea. (41 minutes)

• The total U.S. aid to Haiti so far — about 100 million dollars — is just equal to Lloyd Blankfein’s bonus this year. Goldman Sachs, Blankfein’s employer, was short selling the very same bogus mortgage-backed securities it was selling to its clients. If that’s not criminal, what is? (46 minutes)

• Is the global warming thesis debunked by the recent cold weather? Some net participants say yes, also pointing to fraud at East Anglia University — others say no, saying that the satellite pictures of vanishing ice and glaciers prove global warming is real. (57 minutes)

• Black Haitians committed a near-total genocide of White people on that island in the 19th century, but this is not mentioned or commemorated in the controlled media. Why? Another question is why African countries are conspicuous by their failure to offer help and refuge to homeless and helpless Haitians. (1 hour 0 minutes)

• The Republicans like scab immigrant labor because it increases profits for predatory corporations, and Democrats like scab immigrant labor because it guarantees more votes for them. Ordinary American workers and families are trapped and have no voice. The end result will be an America turned into an expanded version of Haiti. (1 hour 27 minutes)

• Is America headed for civil war? When the economy worsens, and members of the underclass fail to get “their” checks, will it make the looting and rioting in Port-au-Prince and New Orleans look like a picnic? (2 hours 11 minutes)

• It’s now being claimed that a large percentage of the U.S. Treasury gold bars in Fort Knox are counterfeits made of gold-plated tungsten. (2 hours 40 minutes)

• We have a backward policy with regard to Muslims — we welcome them as they invade our countries and pass laws forcing us to associate with them, while at the same time bombing and killing them by the hundreds of thousands in their home countries where they are causing us no harm whatever. (3 hours 21 minutes)

• The so-called “cellular reception prohibition” that prevented scanner radios from tuning in the old 800 MHz analogue cellular telephones was quickly obviated by digital cell phones — and now it looks like the government will be taking over the old analogue frequencies. Will the government, in a spirit of openness, repeal the ban on listening to those channels? Don’t bet on it. (4 hours 0 minutes)

• Is the promotion of tattoos (including, today, even tattooing the whites of the eyes) a conscious effort of the oligarchs to brand their slaves like cattle? — or is the tattoo cult of ugliness a way for brainwashed White people to deny and cover up their Whiteness and natural European beauty? (4 hours 57 minutes)

Check-ins begin at the 22 minute point — and this week the Net even had a check-in from Mexico. The total length of the recording is 5 hours 54 minutes.

Remember that you can receive the Liberty Net on the nearest clear frequency to 3950 kHz every Saturday night at 10PM Eastern Time, or listen live on the Internet via N2SAG or N2IRJ, or listen at your leisure via the mp3 files posted here at every week.

Once again, thanks to W1WCR for running this extraordinary net, and to N2IRJ for making these recordings available.

Listen to or download this week's Liberty Net