Liberty Net: February 19, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

GOOD PROPAGATION REUNITED with 75 meters like two long-separated lovers this week (let’s hear it for sunspots!), and signals were loud and clear for the Liberty Net. Only the regrettable DRM interference from the BBC necessitated a frequency change during the net’s entire five-hour-plus run.

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Here’s my summary of a small sample of the ideas put forth this time on amateur radio’s historic Liberty Net:

• It may be due to less than idealistic reasons (like partisan squabbling and the budget crunch), but one hopeful sign these days is that funding for Obama’s unconstitutional “czars” has been cut off. (2 minutes)

• Why did the unions and the government both agree to public employee pension plans that were absolutely unsustainable during periods of low interest rates? Were they sold a bill of goods by crooked bankers? (34 minutes)

• To what extent are the revolts in the Middle East real, and to what extent are they being stage-managed by George Soros (he of the phony “color revolutions”) and the other oligarchs who held the strings of Mubarak and his ilk? (56 minutes)

• Be very, very skeptical when a politician says he only wants to tax “the rich.” When the inflation really starts roaring, expect poor people and McDonald’s workers to be making well over $200,000 nominal dollars and suddenly finding themselves in the upper tax brackets even though each dollar will only be worth a few cents in current terms. (1 hour 1 minute)

• One should also be skeptical of the “budget cutting” of the Republicans, who treat the military budget as if it was holy and never consider cutting it, even though it is the most grossly bloated budget on planet Earth, and is used mostly for dishonorable illegal wars and not for the defense of the American people. (1 hour 2 minutes)

• With a Washington budget of $3,700 billion, why are both phony political parties getting all excited by a mere $60 billion in spending cuts? That’s less than a sixtieth of the total. (1 hour 23 minutes)

• In Washington, DC, a Black commissioner is urging that a proposed new Walmart store not be built — because, she says, it will result in young Blacks getting criminal records because they would be unable to resist the temptation to steal from the new store. (1 hour 52 minutes)

• When young people with a conscience enter the US armed services and are sent to kill and maim and bomb and murder innocent people in the Middle East, it often destroys them psychologically as well as physically. (3 hours 44 minutes)

If you’re an amateur radio operator, please check in to the Liberty Net at 10PM Eastern Time every Saturday. (If you’re not an amateur, it’s easier than ever to get your license.) Thanks to N2SAG and N2IRJ and W1WCR, you can listen live — and chat live — via the Web whenever the Liberty Net is on the air. You can also download the Liberty Net right here at and listen on your PC or personal mp3 player.

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