Liberty Net: March 12, 2011

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

75 METER CONDITIONS CONTINUED to be excellent for the Liberty Net as Spring approaches, but the band’s crowding — partly caused by DRM interference — required considerable frequency flexibility, and the net found itself on 3993 kHz, which turned out to be a nice clear frequency. Our thanks go out to the 3993 late night operators who courteously allowed the Liberty Net to use their customary spot on the band.

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Here’s a small sample of the subjects discussed this time on amateur radio’s most exciting net:

• Will the tsunami-related power plant accidents in Japan be used to kill nuclear energy use in the West? (2 minutes)

• The manager of the nation’s largest bond fund has now dumped all of his holdings of US government bonds. (12 minutes)

• At least 145,000 public school teachers were physically attacked by “minority” students in 2008; over 12 per cent. of all city teachers — and some of these were also raped. Why was none of this mentioned when Obama’s “anti-bullying” campaign was launched with so much fanfare? (21 minutes)

• In Weare, New Hampshire, officials have twisted the felony wiretapping laws so as to arrest anyone who records on-duty police officers at any time, including recording one’s own interactions with police. Three citizens — all of them members of the Free State Project, a pro-liberty group — have been arrested on such charges, and one of them faces a possible seven years in prison if convicted. (25 minutes)

• The Japanese themselves say that the Western mind is more creative and generates unique ideas; but add that they, the Japanese, can perfect and refine these ideas. For a time, American and Japanese industry had a symbiotic relationship from which both sides benefited. But Wall Street vultures — most of them of non-Western background — soured that relationship by misleading and defrauding the Japanese. (35 minutes)

• The Japanese, quite understandably, very much want to preserve their highly evolved and intelligent race. Hence — unlike insane Americans — they do not import the cheap labor of lower, alien races into their country. Instead, they augment their labor force with robots which may be the most advanced ever seen on this planet. (49 minutes)

• When we hear the Mexican government complaining of “gun runners” in the US supplying and funding drug gangs and rebels in Mexico, we should bear in mind that these “gun runners” are almost never Americans except in a geographic sense. Usually the smugglers are actually alien invaders from Mexico itself. When we hear calls for “gun control” to stop this problem, we should always remember this important principle: Once we have a Third World population, we will eventually get Third-World-style government and Third-World-style laws. (2 hours 4 minutes)

• Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” act was, at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, supposed to make low-IQ Blacks learn as well as White students. (They call this “closing the achievement gap.”) Since it attempted to do the impossible, it was bound to fail. Now, even the Obama administration is frantically calling for its repeal, since a huge number of inner city schools would soon, under the act, have to be designated as failed institutions. (2 hours 7 minutes)

• Senator Harry Reid, one of the preeminent criminals in Washington, is upset because funding has been cut for Nevada’s “gay cowboy” festival. (2 hours 11 minutes)

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Listen: Liberty Net 3/12