Liberty Net: June 16, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

AS WE ENTER the Summertime static season on 75 meters, it’s good for every Liberty Net participant to review what is necessary for an effective signal on that band: 1) Use a full size antenna, meaning a 120-foot half-wave dipole (or larger) horizontal antenna, or a full 60-foot quarter wave vertical with multiple radials. Inverted Ls larger than a half wave work well too with a good radial system and with the horizontal part a quarter wave or higher, as do full wave loops at a similar height. 2) Get that antenna up high in the air — straight up to 60 feet for verticals; 40 feet minimum for horizontals, but the higher the better up to 100 feet. 3) Run as much clean power as you can; even if you are strong to the Net Control Station, the more remote stations will appreciate the extra signal-to-noise ratio. 4) Run clean audio compression. Compression keeps the average audio level high and consistent, but make it clean like a broadcast station — clipping and other forms of distortion may increase the sensation of loudness but actually detract from intelligibility.

And remember this principle: Since atmospheric noise is high and is the limiting factor for reception on 75 meters, even a low and lossy antenna will receive just about as well as a high, efficient one. This leads some operators to think “I can hear them all fine on my 20-foot-high jumbled vee or trap vertical… they should hear me too.” Not true. To overcome the high noise and interference levels on this band and be heard well, you need the highest, most efficient antenna you can manage. It’s worth the effort.

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Here is a small sampling of subjects from this week’s discussion:

• By Executive Order, the regime’s figurehead just “legalized” over 800,000 Mestizo invaders of our living space. (54 minutes)

• The widely-accepted (but insane and illegal) idea that legislatures can make any laws they want to make has led to the creation of “food police” laws in New York City, the alleged purpose of which is to prevent restaurants or movie theatres from selling drinks with “too many” calories per serving. (1 hour 3 minutes)

• Some makers of amateur radio linear power amplifiers are now including — on advice of their attorneys — false information in their owner’s manuals stating that the amplifier will be damaged if it is operated on 11 meters.  (1 hour 44 minutes)

• A whistle-blower has revealed that Hollywood-style video productions are now being made — evidently for future airing as disinformation — showing fake images of massacres by Syrian government forces, fake resignations of senior Syrian officials, and fake footage of President Assad fleeing the country and a new government installing itself in Damascus. (2 hours 6 minutes)

• Why are agents of the Washington regime’s Army “Psychological Operations Unit” embedded at CNN and other major television networks? (2 hours 8 minutes)

• Was pornographer, Communist, and race-mixing rapist Frank Marshall Davis the real father — and long-time mentor — of Barack Obama? (2 hours 40 minutes)

• All Liberty Net participants know that the killers in Washington are regularly using drone aircraft to lob missiles into apartment buildings in Pakistan, killing dozens or hundreds of innocents for every alleged terrorist targeted. Now that the Washington regime has delivered drones to a growing number of US cities, how long will it be before they are used to kill us? (3 hours 17 minutes)

• Property taxes are the main way that the illegal invaders of this country are fed, housed, and financed — so hurrah for the people in North Dakota who are proposing to eliminate that tax. People who have spent half a lifetime paying for a home should truly own it free and clear with no requirement to “pay or have your property seized.” Such acts by government — or anyone else — should never be allowed on any pretext. (3 hours 43 minutes)

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