Liberty Net: July 21, 2012

by Kevin Strom, WB4AIO

WE LIVE IN A STRANGE country where you need to prove your identity and origin twenty times over to get a driver’s license — but not to be President; a country in which leaders and aspiring leaders fall all over themselves to promise to defend the eternal sanctity of Israel’s borders — but care not a whit for our own. But there are rational people who recognize the insanity for what it is, and speak out about it on amateur radio’s Liberty Net, which has been serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity since 1974.

Listen: Liberty Net 7/21

Here are just a few of the ideas introduced for vigorous debate during this week’s session:

• In Germany and Switzerland, there’s a move to ban the barbaric Middle Eastern rite of circumcision. Will the law be directed only at one Middle Eastern religion, though, and exempt another? (13 minutes)

• Saying that “guns” killed people in that Colorado theatre is like saying that rolling pins and cast iron skillets commit domestic violence. In truth, if we had a more well-armed population, much individual and government violence and mischief against us would be eliminated — the bastards simply wouldn’t dare. (17 minutes)

• Some corporate and government types are quietly floating the idea of robotic, computer-controlled cars as a means of limiting and recording the movements of travellers. But the idea will be sold under the banners of “safety” and “security,” of course. (20 minutes)

• If we should be blaming any aspect of contemporary America for these repeated, seemingly senseless, MK-Ultra-style violent incidents, it should be alien-controlled Hollywood and its twisted, sociopathic anti-heroes who are the negation of everything Western Civilization once stood for. (36 minutes)

• Are we seeing the rise of a media-addled generation so empty, so blank, so lacking in values and empathy that literally millions of them must resort to vicarious, or real, thrill-killing just in order to feel alive? (40 minutes)

• The military-industrial complex has now evolved into a much more virulent military-media-industrial-financial complex that rules us here, and aspires to rule humans everywhere. (46 minutes)

• It’s great to welcome Greg, K1YW, back to the net after a number of years’ absence. The very first Internet presence of the Liberty Net was the message board that Greg operated back in the 1990s. (49 minutes)

• It’s reported that the Colorado gunman, or a possible accomplice of his, received a cell telephone call a few minutes before beginning his killing spree. Did the caller suggest to him that it would be a good idea to “pass the time by playing a little solitaire” — or something like that? (51 minutes)

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Kudos and thanks go to Vic, W1WCR, for his decades of hard work for free speech and amateur radio, and to all of you for checking in!

Listen: Liberty Net 7/21